May 202009
PSP Remakes

As seen from this latest Famitsu magazine scan, Armored Core 3: Silent Line and Armored Core: Last Raven are receiving PSP ports soon as well. The listed release dates mark Silent Line due to release November this year, and Last Raven on March 2010. Two Tenchu games are coming out too, with Wrath of Heaven getting the first release this August, and Fatal Shadows on January next year.

Here’s the official launch page for these games. This was previously a countdown page, as what seems to be the norm for teasers these days.

No word on any changes in gameplay for SL or LR, though there is speculation it will take advantage of the PSP’s ability to connect online and play against other players via the internet as seen from AC3P‘s promo video.

[via Kotaku]

May 092009
Noblesse Oblige

When someone has been given much, much will be required in return; and when someone has been entrusted with much, even more will be required. – Luke 12:48

Pilot: R. Leonhardt (AC4), Gerard Gendelin (Armored Core: For Answer)
First Appearance: Armored Core 4

I feel it is appropriate to do a background check on one of the more recent icons to appear in the Armored Core franchise, the Noblesse Oblige, in light of the announcement of its upcoming model kit.

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May 032009

Recently I took advantage of Google’s offering of cloud-hosted email for domain owners – we now offer free email accounts to members! It runs on their excellent Gmail service, so it’s a sure win.

The offer is limited to 50 accounts only though, so you gotta be quick. To sign up for the service, just post in this thread with the username that you want to use. I will PM you the details shortly after.

If you’ve already signed up, click here to log in.

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