Oct 162007

Portal is now skinned, so for the most part the aesthetics going into the Republic are done.

Sophie’s finally made her appearance! Although I must say, being black and white doesn’t exactly strike the eye as much as a colored version will. Keep refreshing to see all her… err… flavors.

As for the logo, well, if someone can make us a 800×100 pixel banner (or 800×150 pixels at the most), well, that’d be grand.

Sembreaks sure do give you lots of time to finish your stuff.

Oct 092007

…to fill out a survey. Supposedly it’ll help determine the flavor of future games. This is the first time I’ve ever actually seen them make an effort to make their “listening” visible.

Go here to fill out the form.

Note that the above link is already the Google Translated version. The original version, if for some reason you really want to go to it, is here.

First spotted by Thinimus, I believe. Credits to him. See his thread on RH for more details.

Still reading? Stop. Go on, click the link and do your part. You know you want to.

You get a nice shiny wallpaper for it, so go on!