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Full Version: Project WTF
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Let me start with this image:

[Image: 1134497147414.jpg]


P.S. Sorry for posting all over the place... I'm just bored. Tongue
Oh... you wouldn't want to start with me! LOL
4chan FTW!

[Image: itsnotwhatyouthinkoi3.jpg]
Grimoire Wrote:4chan FTW!
amen, brother!

[Image: MorningMusumeSalute.gif]
  • <span style='font-size:25pt;line-height:100%'>I salute you!</span></li>
LOL I'm a 4channer too. Not a /b/tard though. Hahah

[Image: 6n22.jpg]
Wow... pretty pretty pretty Japanese(?) girls you have there man...

[Image: 1158416723829qi8.gif]

WHOA! Didn't see that one did ya?!

@Nix: LOL

[Image: 1130657860859.jpg]
Eto mas masarap...

[Image: bkqb7.gif]
Grimoire Wrote:Eto mas masarap...

<a href='' target='_blank'>[Image:]</a>
King of New York FTW!

[Image: thread_rox_01.jpg]
[Image: 1158463997397of4.jpg]

Actually, magpapahinga muna ako hahaha
Double post! Feast your eyes on this...!

[Image: wow.gif]
I'd post a pic... but I'd let the link speak for itself <a href='' target='_blank'></a>
I'll join the bandwagon...

*Caution: not for kids :tongue:

[Image: Annie.jpg]

Guess who? hehehe :ph43r:
lol Annie. LOL I got the complete set before though.
Kumag yun ah...

Eto'ng senyo~!

[Image: gundam20moon20sailor20moonvi7.jpg]
THE HORROR "ang idol ko si Heero nag susuot ng sailormoon costume"