Armored Core: Master of Arena

Game Description

Armored Core: Master of Arena, usually referred to as MoA, is the third Armored Core game released for the PlayStation. It expands on Armored Core and Armored Core: Project Phantasma with new missions, parts, and arena rankers. The game also introduced the ability to create a custom AI arena.

Parts List

Gameplay Mechanics


  • Split-screen versus mode
  • PlayStation Link Cable versus mode
  • Online Multiplayer
    • Emulated link-cable connections are theoretically possible through PCSX-R's link cable plug-in. This is for further testing.
    • Online split-screen versus is possible through Parsec and Retroarch through Steam's Remote Play?.
    • Please refer to the emulation page? for more information.

Story and Characters




Extra Arena

  • Humanoid Arena
  • Quad Arena
  • Reverse-joint Arena
  • Tank Arena
  • Champion Arena
  • Guest Arena
  • FromSoft Arena
  • Master Arena
  • Custom Arena

Ranker Maker

The Ranker Maker is a feature exclusive to Armored Core: Master of Arena that allows the player to assemble and set combat logic for up to 9 custom rankers that the player can challenge in the Custom Arena under Extra Arena.

The following AI parameters can be adjusted:

Rebel Point0-3Sets amount of Human+ enhancements available to the AI
Shoot Frequency0-100%Frequency that the AI will shoot
Blade Frequency0-100%Frequency that the AI will use its blade
Lock Frequency0-100%Frequency that the AI will attempt to maintain lock-on
Avoid Frequency0-100%Frequency that the AI will attempt to avoid being locked on
Fly Frequency0-100%Frequency that the AI will fly
Range Type0-100%Distance that the AI will try to maintain

Enemy Data


Game Quirks and Bugs

  • On the game's start menu, split-screen and link-cable versus modes can be toggled by holding L1+R1 before entering versus mode. This is useful with some emulators that mistakenly detect a link-cable connection.
  • Radar for the first player in versus mode is non-functional in the North American release. This bug did not exist in the Japanese version.