Armored Core (PS2) Emblem Tool

There have been several emblem tools for the PlayStation 2 Armored Core games, but this article will focus on one developed by mparley over at github.

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Preparing the PNG

  • Must be exactly 128x128 pixels
  • Transparency is recognized, but it is all or nothing. Partial transparency will be read as fully transparent.
  • Must have a maximum of 255 colors only

Preparing the Emblem

  • Within your game of choice, set any emblem as your custom emblem and save it to the memory card.

Preparing the Memory Card

  • Convert the PS2 memory card with the saved emblem data into a folder to access its contents.
    • One method is to use the convert functionality built into PCSX2.
      • PCSX2 > Settings > Memory Cards > Select .ps2 memory card > Convert > Folder > OK

Locating the Emblem File

  • Navigate to the memory card folder.
  • Armored Core 2 to Armored Core: Ninebreaker emblem files:
    • Look for BASLUS-XXXXXEXX. E00 is the first emblem saved.
  • Armored Core: Last Raven emblem files:
    • Look for BASLUS-21338EMB (US release) and open the folder to find the dataX (0,1, 2, etc.) files.

Converting the PNG

  • Copy the emblem file (dataX or BASLUS-XXXXXEXX) from the PS2 memory card folder and paste it into the AC Emblem Tool folder.
  • Copy the prepared PNG and paste it into the same AC Emblem Tool Folder.
  • Select both the emblem file and the PNG and drag and drop them into the "acet" application.
  • The original emblem file (dataX or BASLUS-XXXXXEXX) will be overwritten.
  • You will know that the conversion is complete when a .backup file is created in the folder.

Transferring back to the memory card

  • Cut/copy the new emblem file (dataX or BASLUS-XXXXXEXX) and paste it back into the BASLUS-21338EMB or BASLUS-XXXXXEXX folder.

Other Notes

  • This guide assumes that this is for use over PCSX2. Transferring to PlayStation 2 hardware is possible, but not covered here.


1. PNG to Emblem Forum Thread
2. AC Emblem Tool page on github