Armored Core

Game Description

Armored Core is the first-ever AC game, released in 1997 by FromSoftware? for the original PlayStation. It introduced themes that would be prevalent throughout the series: a cataclysmic event that has wiped out most of humanity and forced them in hiding, insidious corporations attempting to take control of what remains, the Raven mercenary pilot that the player embodies, and of course, the titular customizable robot - the Armored Core.

Parts List

Gameplay Mechanics


  • Split-screen versus mode
  • PlayStation Link Cable versus mode
  • Online Multiplayer
    • Virtual PlayStation link-up is theoretically possible through PCSX-R's link cable plug-in.
    • Online split-screen versus is possible through Parsec and Retroarch through Steam's Remote Play?.

Story and Characters



The first Armored Core game did not have an actual arena mode. It only showed the player pilot as they climbed up through the ranks by completing the story missions.

Enemy Data


Game Quirks and Bugs

  • On the game's start menu, split-screen and link-cable versus modes can be toggled by holding L1+R1 before entering versus mode. This is useful with some emulators that mistakenly detect a link-cable connection.