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PNG to Emblem Converter for AC2 to LR
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mparley at Github was kind enough to share this tool that can convert PNG images into emblems for any of the PS2 Armored Core games.

If you're on Windows, just download the latest file under "Releases" on the right side.

Follow the instructions in the link above or the readme included in the pack. But in general, here's the TLDR:

1. Prepare a 128x128 PNG image with only a max of 255 colors. Transparency works, but it's all or nothing. Partial transparency gets treated as 100% transparency. EDIT: We've tested: only 128x128px works in game.

2. Save a custom emblem in game. Use PCSX2 to convert your memory card data into folder data. Dig out the emblem file in the memory card folder.

3. Select both the emblem file and the PNG and drag and drop them into the .exe. The emblem file should have been overwritten.

4. Take the new emblem file and paste it into your memory card folder.

5. Load your game and check your emblem files.

[Image: ouYFt3j.png]

6. Commence with the degeneracy.

Thanks to @pompadude, btw, for letting us know about this.
(01-23-2023, 01:01 PM)NiX Wrote: 6. Commence with the degeneracy.

Spoken like a true man of culture. Bravo. Clapping
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Oh, interesting!! Nice to see there's a modern tool for this.

About a year or two ago, I stumbled across an emblem importer just like this one off an old 2001 Neocities page. Worked about the same as this one but it was pretty confusing to get setup. The guy made an awesome Sol Badguy emblem too that I wish I had saved an image of. Anyways, here's the one I've been rocking. Used a texdumped emblem from Phantom Crash, I went and later re-made the emblem in VD's maker too.

[Image: T9QhdUb.png]
I rewrote the instructions in our wiki.

Hopefully it's dumb-proof. I may add hand-holding screenshots eventually. But probably not.

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