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PACT III (Discussion thread)
hahah its was a very very great day!!!
first of ll first thanks goes to GOD and jake for making this a very successful event XD

silent killer si mark at bert tinatago ng mga mallaking bunganga.

haywire is scary on the air hockey board ... JAKE don't let her play it again or she get someone killed...

T_T Im no good as godzilla anymore ... with base got hit by too many missiles...

Yak umutot ka sa harapan ng mukha ko. Naamoy ko kaya yun.

t(- _ - t)

Amf ka tumatawa ako bigla ka umutot. Open na ang mouth ko, open pa ang ilong ko.

Again, eto ka t(- _ - t) lols
har har tactical revenege!!!!

FYI Rick, one of the insects you've taken are already dead. Fox killed the other one, accidentally smashing his arm on one of the insects.

Though the other one still kept on doing it. Lols.
Obligatory shout-outs and thanks:

Sforzando: Kind sir! Gentleman and scholar of the highest degree! You are always going to be viewed as the true winner in my mind. I have only the highest respect for thee and it is only through your kind generosity that this event is even possible. You even brought out you SNES and people got to play Dragonball 2 and 3 for the nostalgia and the lulz XD. Thank you very much!

Grimlok: Another year, 2 PACTs, and another happy day. A year ago it was fun and it still is. 2 years ago its nigh impossible for this to happen, and I would still like to say thanks for making the forums (and the consistent upgrades it has gone through). Making this event and this community the embodiment of some of our dreams and aspirations. Still, you made it to the final four even after your close match with Haywire. Kudos to bringing a blade to battle as well, as it truly displays the characteristics of an underdog AC.

Nix: Well, obviously a top contender in the game and still going strong and still actively participating in events (for more reasons than AC I believe, such as the re-discovery of the joy of PSone games) :p.

Maitreya: Camera dodger and is pretty good at it! He also made it to the final four spot along with Nix, and Mix. I wish I got to play against you though, that would have been a blast! Big grin Till next time.

Clonezero: Man, Clone's been pretty hyperactive during the day, just take a look at his smile in one of the pics in the previous page XD.

Goatling: Still wanting to be mysterious and would often duck away from a camera's lens, but him, Mark, and Raffy are always a blast to look at whenever they're all present. You and Raffy are inseparable, haha.

Twin Skies: Glad you can come along with your family once again. Still doing decently even with the lack of practice I see.

Ronninfang: Still loves his laserblade and speed, as well as his OB and tactics which worked pretty well.

Haywire: Almost made it to the semis, and outlasted anyone in air hockey (I consider that game to be a test of endurance rather than a game of points and skill). A promising AC talent and has now convinced me that girls can play AC. Being the youngest participant and given a few more years, she could end up being one of the best Ravens with some proper training.

Fox: I like the rifle you brought, I wonder how you'll get that past security if ever you decide to walk to the venue? Tongue

Beastkiller: The rolling boulder of doom strikes again to remind everyone that weapon endurance is necessary in combat. Still for tanks and forced to use heavies and a quad though.

Mikeberserker: Now that you have met us, I hope you become a regular and active member of out community. Good luck with life there buddy.

Azuma-blade: Here we go again! A certain person loves candy :p.

Big-bam-boom! I enjoyed the day but I forgot to save some vids >_<, I promise to do so the next time.

This picture will forever remain in my memories:

[Image: dscn0839gj7.jpg]

Thank you very much to all of you guys! Life's been worth it. Long live the Raven Republic! Until next time...
For those that lost their matches, don't forget that there's still the loser's bracket.

One slot in the finals is still open to almost everyone, so you all (me included) better stay frosty until the next meet!
Rick Human + user
Roninfang says to Rick that he doesn't like the weapon setup on the RJ Blink

And I say that I don't like the fact that all ACs have no OB , I could
blade someone if it did Shifty

(I just don't know how to control strength that's all LOL)
[Image: 142183_zps37998c8a.gif]
[Image: 10272007012.jpg]

This, and more PACT 3 pictures in this album:
Nix talo ng isang malupit na Goat bot.
LOL yeah I got owned by my own AI in front of everyone. LOL LOL LOL
GoatBot hahahahaha LOL
azuma-blade Wrote:GoatBot hahahahaha LOL

More like a Queenie bot.
Queenie? What's that?
If we spelled it as "Quinny", would you get it?

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