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Poll: Ban HARPY2
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LR PACT: Ban Harpy 2?
Like I said in the other thread, HARPY2 is basically insta-win against tanks. I personally know this because I myself bring it in some designs for the specific purpose of punishing anything that can't move fast... ultra heavy tanks in particular.

But then again, some of you might feel differently about HARPY2. Hence, we have this poll.

I suppose a total of 10 voters will be enough to validate the result? I've set the poll to end on April 30. PACT 4 is already on May 3 after all.

Yes, but see this post for another question/clarification.
Great idea! Let's ban CODON too, because they let mid weight units out turn tanks. Let's ban lights too, because they pwn tanks, especially in wide open areas (we should ban those maps too). Let's ban the BP and RS too, because they can be used to abuse distance by backing away from tanks. To be sure, we should ban energy weapons too, since a lot of tanks have low defense against them!

I voted no. Sorry, but I think this suggestion is inane; coming from someone who eats tanks and doesn't use HARPY2 at all. You're all friends, why would anyone abuse HARPY2 against tanks in the first place.
For tanks, even the really heavy ones, there are still some ways to get around being out-turned and being bombarded by energy and long range weapons. But HARPY2... there's just no getting away from it for a heavy tank, aside from hiding under some sort of cover. Sad I actually recall raining down harpies on Beastkiller's poor Apocalypse Tank long long ago during PACT I, I think >_< (sorry).

But yeah, if the majority doesn't mind keeping it, I don't mind either.
from a tankers point of view i do have ways to dodge the harpy
if you know yourself and your enemy you will never fear the results of a hundred battles if you know yourself but not the enemy for every victory you will suffer a defeat if you dont know yourself neither your enemy you will lose at every battle.<br />sun tzu, the art of war
Oh well, poll invalidated.

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