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Full Version: PACT III (Discussion thread)
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I talked about it with Sfozando and he said that we can use his place once again for the next event. So there, PACT III.

Tentative date: October 27, 2007 Saturday (I'll check about the starting time)

Location: Jake's house (I hope you guys still know how to get there Big grin)

Stuff needed: PS2s, controllers and memory cards.

Tournament format: Are we gonna implement the 3 ACs per person tourney or are we sticking to the original format? We can hold both tourney formats but allow a participant to choose one of the two he's participating in.

Lord Leperman
amf after our exams again lol XD

if this is a repeat of last time then Bert could come but would be late due to exams in his swimming class

syempre I'll come!
Oh it's on.

We are sticking with Last Raven, correct?

I suggest we use <a href='' target='_blank'>the 3 AC format</a>, so that we can introduce some variety into the playstyles, and so everyone has a bigger chance of improving. And so that we can actually see some more ingenuity in using parts. Tongue

Unlike last time where I came to the fray just a bit prepared, I'll set some time aside to really practice for this one. I'd like it if you all brought your A-game as well, para sulit.
Yeah, LR's still the title of choice.

I'm actually gonna practice harder this time because of the the 3 AC format. However, I think we need to set aside a lot of time this tournament, so I say we should start early and end late but that's all up to Sforzando as it's his house. I was thinking we could implement 2 tourney types, one for those who want the old tourney format and another for the 3 AC format since I think the latter might take a while.

Winner gets to touch Mirei-san. Smile) j/k
...? Im all for winning but whats with the touching...?!? who's Mirei-san?
Hahahah sige game game game.

I'll practice for this one too. And since I'm officially a jobless bum, I'll have a lot of time. LOL
Won't it take up too much time to use two tournament formats?
<!--QuoteBegin-sforzando+September 21, 2007 02:08 pm--><div class='codebox_title'>QUOTE (sforzando @ September 21, 2007 02:08 pm)</div><div class='codebox'><div id='QUOTE'><!--QuoteEBegin--> Won't it take up too much time to use two tournament formats? [/quote:42b637fe30]
Yup, probably. So I guess we should decide on what format to use (Poll?).
I vote for the 3 ac format

its something new and something more challenging ....

but to be honest the 3 AC format seems a little to strict IMO.... but thats it everything else is okay xD
count me in
im in basta may PACT sasali ako Tongue
I've learned my lesson...
So if at sforzando's place, I'm going.

Count me in.
[Image: Bracket.jpg]

So are we having a loser's bracket like this one?

I suppose we can do it that way if not too many show up (and/or IF WE'RE ABLE TO START EARLY).

But if things will flow just like the previous PACTs, will we employ our usual single-elimination format?
Lord_Leperman on 09-21-2007 09:22 AM Wrote:Tentative date: October 27, 2007 Saturday (I'll check about the starting time)
Is there any chance that we could re-schedule it, maybe sometime by mid november? Unsure
Dunno, we could just hold an event in your honor if you're arriving mid-November :p

I'll see first if we can still change it. Its still a month to go anyway.
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