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- Lord_Leperman - 09-21-2007

I talked about it with Sfozando and he said that we can use his place once again for the next event. So there, PACT III.

Tentative date: October 27, 2007 Saturday (I'll check about the starting time)

Location: Jake's house (I hope you guys still know how to get there Big grin)

Stuff needed: PS2s, controllers and memory cards.

Tournament format: Are we gonna implement the 3 ACs per person tourney or are we sticking to the original format? We can hold both tourney formats but allow a participant to choose one of the two he's participating in.

Lord Leperman

- clonezero - 09-21-2007

amf after our exams again lol XD

if this is a repeat of last time then Bert could come but would be late due to exams in his swimming class

syempre I'll come!

- Grim - 09-21-2007

Oh it's on.

We are sticking with Last Raven, correct?

I suggest we use <a href='' target='_blank'>the 3 AC format</a>, so that we can introduce some variety into the playstyles, and so everyone has a bigger chance of improving. And so that we can actually see some more ingenuity in using parts. Tongue

Unlike last time where I came to the fray just a bit prepared, I'll set some time aside to really practice for this one. I'd like it if you all brought your A-game as well, para sulit.

- Lord_Leperman - 09-21-2007

Yeah, LR's still the title of choice.

I'm actually gonna practice harder this time because of the the 3 AC format. However, I think we need to set aside a lot of time this tournament, so I say we should start early and end late but that's all up to Sforzando as it's his house. I was thinking we could implement 2 tourney types, one for those who want the old tourney format and another for the 3 AC format since I think the latter might take a while.

Winner gets to touch Mirei-san. Smile) j/k

- clonezero - 09-21-2007

...? Im all for winning but whats with the touching...?!? who's Mirei-san?

- NiX - 09-21-2007

Hahahah sige game game game.

I'll practice for this one too. And since I'm officially a jobless bum, I'll have a lot of time. LOL

- Sforza - 09-21-2007

Won't it take up too much time to use two tournament formats?

- maitreya - 09-21-2007

<!--QuoteBegin-sforzando+September 21, 2007 02:08 pm--><div class='codebox_title'>QUOTE (sforzando @ September 21, 2007 02:08 pm)</div><div class='codebox'><div id='QUOTE'><!--QuoteEBegin--> Won't it take up too much time to use two tournament formats? [/quote:42b637fe30]
Yup, probably. So I guess we should decide on what format to use (Poll?).

- clonezero - 09-21-2007

I vote for the 3 ac format

its something new and something more challenging ....

but to be honest the 3 AC format seems a little to strict IMO.... but thats it everything else is okay xD

- beastkiller - 09-22-2007

count me in

- azuma-blade - 09-23-2007

im in basta may PACT sasali ako Tongue

- Serene - 09-23-2007

I've learned my lesson...
So if at sforzando's place, I'm going.

Count me in.

RE: PACT III (Discussion thread) - NiX - 09-27-2007

[Image: Bracket.jpg]

So are we having a loser's bracket like this one?

I suppose we can do it that way if not too many show up (and/or IF WE'RE ABLE TO START EARLY).

But if things will flow just like the previous PACTs, will we employ our usual single-elimination format?

RE: PACT III (Discussion thread) - cabs - 10-02-2007

Lord_Leperman on 09-21-2007 09:22 AM Wrote:Tentative date: October 27, 2007 Saturday (I'll check about the starting time)
Is there any chance that we could re-schedule it, maybe sometime by mid november? Unsure

RE: PACT III (Discussion thread) - Lord_Leperman - 10-02-2007

Dunno, we could just hold an event in your honor if you're arriving mid-November :p

I'll see first if we can still change it. Its still a month to go anyway.