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Just testing the waters
What: Philippine Armored Core Tournament 6

When: February 11, 2012, Rendezvous at 11:00 AM, Tournament Start at 12:30 PM

Where: Amorsolo Mansion, 130 Amorsolo cor. Herrera St., Legaspi Village, Makati City

[Image: pact6map.png]

Tournament Entrance Fee: P250.00 (to cover the P3250.00 venue cost)
Attendance Fee (for non-participants): P150.00

P500 - PACT Champion
P300 - 2nd Place
P200 - 3rd Place

One AC only.


If 14-player double-elimination

If (somehow) 16-player double-elimination

Participants (according to seeding based on previous PACT showings):

1. lord leperman (confirmed)
2. NiX (confirmed)
3. Moonlight Raven (confirmed)
4. Arch Angel (confirmed)
5. Goat (confirmed)
(6. Maitreya - tentative)
- Fox (confirmed)
- Serene (confirmed)
- Grimweld (confirmed)
- Panda (confirmed)
- Zero Kanipan (confirmed)
- Clonezero (confirmed)
- AEA1 (confirmed but depends on hospital magic)
- Shintetsu (alternate) (confirmed)
- Beastkiller (tentative)

Stuff Needed:

4 TVs - Through the venue
4 PS2s - Maitreya's, Rick's, Jake's(?), Fox's or Arch Angel's
2 Link Cables - I hope the firewire I have will work
4 AVRs
4 Extension Cords

Food, drinks, plastic cups and utensils, paper plates
Plastic tables and chairs

Post what you can contribute.
Almost? it did for me. Anyway, yeah I'm up for it. I'm for random as it makes things more exciting. If it's possible we can have the pairings done before the meet, so as to have earlier and more time to prepare.
What exactly happened with the pair-ups last time? Was there drawing of the lots? (And if so, did Mark and Andrew really end up together by fate? LOL ) I think tiered-random partners work well, to a point.

Personally, I'd like another 2-on-2 LR tourney, seeing as I wasn't able to join the last one.
yep, fate fucked up BIG time.
Here's how I did the pairings:

I prepared 2 sets of numbers 1 to 7.
Lahat ng dating top-3 na present, binigyan ko na ng numbers (based on previous pact rankings) para di sila (kami) pwedeng maging magkakampi and for appropriate placing on the brackets.
1 - rick
2 - me
3 - maitreya
4 - Twin-Skies
5 - Andrew

So ang natira nalang para bunutin ng iba was 6,7, and another set of 1 to 7. Yung magkapareho ang number, sila ang magkapartner. Gets?

Anyway, if we go tiered random again, how will we adjust the tiers based on the results of PACT 5?

Bawal nang magkakampi

(?) Ganun ba ok?

EDIT: Tsaka bawal magkapartner si Kent at Ely? LOL
(08-10-2009, 02:20 PM)arch_angel Wrote: yep, fate fucked up BIG time.

Oo pare. Big time. Too Big actually. It's like: LINKA BIG~

I think PACT5 is the other PACT1 in the sense that we did it in 2 on 2. PACT2V2 1 anyone?
Idagdag na lang sina Ardjin, Mark at Goat sa unang tier list para walo na.
'Signatures are overrated.'
i was paired up with the most weakest PACT 5 participant in the game. Fate really fucked up BIG time.

i think the pact 5 top 3 contestants should be the next tier list of people and ignored previous pact winners, it will be interesting seeing rick as a non tiered member.
both tiered random and determined are good ... but we haven't tried determined teams yet why not have a test tourney (not pact 6) with pre determined pairs see how that works but like what ardjin said I think it would be less exciting.

Mahirap yung days before i-announce ang partners kasi yung ibang sumasali, the day itself nalang nagpaparamdam.

Sige try natin predetermined. Magpapractice na kami ni Tim. =P
Well, Raffy's got a good idea going with testing it out with pre-determined pairings but then again there are some of us who don't have a sparring buddy nearby.
"May those who accept their fate find happiness. May those who defy their fate find glory."
That's exactly what I've disliked about predetermined teams since before PACT 5. The tiered set up is still probably best suited for RR.
Congratulations to the champs and who won the tourneyClappingClapping ...well i am apologize that i am not able to join pact 5 bcoz i've got sick due of freaking weather...

well i am hope n makakasali ako s PACT 6..pero kakatapos lng ng PACT 5....hehe

btw....thnx boss grim for helping me for my account and also boss nix and rick ClappingHappyHappy
Tears well apologies for not attending the PACT5 and RR's 3rd anniversary...coz' i have a major personal problem (a very serious one).

to NIX and Rick -> I'm very sorry for not replying to your text and for not confirming...on those day before PACT5, I was in the brink of "nervous breakdown"...but now things got better.

to Dave -> I'am sorry for the same thing, didn't even texted you that i'm not coming.

that day, I hate myself...i went psycho. but now i'm normal again...hehehe.

now I said to myself: if PACT6 will be announced, I SWEAR I WILL ATTEND (as long as it is in sforza's, Rick's or Nix's place, basta malapit...hehehe..)

Congratz to the champs of PACT5 Salute

I've seen the vids uploaded by NiX...astig talaga... 2on2 was good, and I think my AC needs a little work-up (Nix's Gagamba did a good job, also the AC with the triple missle + GAR2 combo. etc other AC's showed potential)

[Image: upeo113pr8.gif]


"I am more of a Teacher rather than a Pilot"
(08-10-2009, 08:41 PM)NiX Wrote: Mahirap yung days before i-announce ang partners kasi yung ibang sumasali, the day itself nalang nagpaparamdam.

Sige try natin predetermined. Magpapractice na kami ni Tim. =P

Kami naman ni Jobet ang magpartner.
'Signatures are overrated.'
You'll partner with yourself? Tongue

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