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Encyclopedia Republika - STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION

Welcome to the Encyclopedia Republika, an Armored Core compendium-slash-guide specifically made for helping fellow Ravens in the Philippines, and possibly around the world.

This is to be the repository for all our knowledge on the game so far. I'm hoping for this to grow into a resource which contains everything an AC player would ever need to know: basic AC building, weapon and FCS choices, techniques and tips on movement, energy management and others. If you have video links, place them under the correct categories. To browse through the stuff currently in here, there are links on your left.

Since this is a wiki, editable by most anyone who goes through the proper steps, I have to ask that you follow two simple rules:

1. Please be judicious about your contributions. If you are unsure about something you're trying to put in here, confirm it first before contributing.

2. Please use straightforward English, in order to reach the maximum number of people. The occasional Filipino word or sentence wouldn't hurt anyone though.

Other than these two, feel free to add your own spin on things. Do try to make it fit with the rest of the work though.

Good hunting!

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Page last modified on August 15, 2008, at 07:15 AM