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ACLR: Witch Hunter
hybrid of my previous designs :)
Core: E2
Legs: DINGO2

(tunes: weight / weight / weight / load capacity)

Boosters: GULL
Generator: LOTUS
Radiator: ANANDA
Inside: n/a

(tunes: boost power / condenser cap / cooling)

Extensions: FUNI
Arm L: NIX
Hanger R: n/a
Hanger L: n/a

A combination of my previous Hunter and Witch designs, retaining the Witch's orbits+EO+KARURA combo and the Hunter's dual wielding. However, it leans more toward the Hunter design not only aesthetically speaking, but also in that it's mostly made for close-in combat.

Orbits+micros first, then EO-assisted dual MG assault all the way. Against light and speedy opponents, it may even be better to just drop the back weapons and extensions right away. So long as this AC is faster than its opponent, there's a very good chance its MGs will be able to tear that opponent to shreds.

Known Issues:
Unlike either of its parents, this thing doesn't have a blade, so once ammo runs out, it's all over - though this has yet to happen to me. Other than that, this also shares a common flaw with my other designs in that it's a bit too squishy for comfort - LX, GERYON3 and most grenade launchers in particular = doom, as are linear cannons/rifles.

That said, particularly skilled pilots should be able to handle this baby of mine well, even against the aforementioned setbacks.

PvP Information:

Current Vs. Record: [0]W - [0]L - [0]D
Win Rate: n/a



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