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ACLR: Silmeria
for something rather different...
STING (0,0,4,6,0)
99UL (0,0,5,5,0)
94FL (0,0,6,4,0)
DINGO (0,0,5,5,0)

VULTURE2 (0,10,0,0)
LOTUS (0,10,0)
ANANDA (0,0,10)

HP *or* ORC (what you guys call the Kawaiisawa, amirite? =3)


A lightweight sniper I came up with just last night, based on the alternate build comrade NiX gave me for my current main. =3

Basically, keep away from the opponent while sniping him. Once the ammo runs out, get in there and let loose with the handguns. One may choose to drop NYMPHE right away or fire a few missiles before doing so.

Known Issues:
This shares the same tendency towards squishiness all my other ACs have. While it's still fairly quick (446 boost speed when fully loaded), it's a whole lot (60pt difference @_@) slower than my main. The RS3 runs out of ammo pretty quick, which is something I'm still trying to get used to. xD

*of course, the upside is that it hits really hard per shot, and besides, sniper rifles weren't meant to be spammed in the first place, right? Smile*

PvP Information:

Current Vs. Record: [0]W - [0]L - [0]D
Win Rate: n/a
Not bad overall. Good tuning. STING sucks but keep it if you like how it looks.

Try the F73H or MONJU instead of the VOLUTE2. Either will work better with the NYMPHE.

If you like the VULTURE2 for this one, keep it. But GULL works great here too.

RS3 more of a high-power rifle rather than sniper rifle. But it deals pretty good damage.

Orc isn't the kawaiisawa. That's the 98L laser rifle.

You've got too many optional parts listed. I recommend AMINO, ES, SS, KISSYOH, LA, L+, CODON, RIBOSE
As i said on ACU it might be better to use RS instead of RS3.

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