Current time: 06-16-2024, 03:21 AM
ACLR: Dorothy
weird name, I know
Legs: DINGO2

(tunes: weight / weight / weight / load capacity)

Boosters: TP
Generator: LOTUS
Radiator: ANANDA
Inside: n/a

(tunes: boost power / condenser cap / cooling)

Extensions: n/a
Arm L: H3
Hanger R: H3
Hanger L: ELF3

This... unusually-named AC is basically my Hunter - my staple - but on steroids.

I'm guessing that sooner or later, someone here's gonna ask me why I don't just drop my micros and extension missiles if all I want is raw speed (my Hunter without back/exten = roughly equal in max boost speed to this one). The main advantage she has over my previous design is that she can dodge really well thanks to PEGASUS. I actually remember winning a match by default after I made my opponent expend all his ammo.

Known Issues:
This unit really isn't one for extended flight (the last design I used that had PEGASUS had JIREN+ORCHID to compensate). PEGASUS+TP tandem rapes my energy gauge (not to mention my heat levels) real bad. Other than that, most of the weaknesses present in my Hunter apply to this one as well. The main difference, of course, is that while Dorothy's just as squishy as my Hunter, she can dodge a lot better.

PvP Information:
Will update this tomorrow night Big grin

Current Vs. Record: [0]W - [0]L - [0]D
Win Rate: n/a


GULL can be used instead of TP should one find the booster combo too hot to handle. Smile

*I apologize for the apparent spammy behavior... It's just that my mem card's full and I'm saving the designs I've already made here just so I can remake them in the future Smile*
Please pretend that PEGASUS and TP don't exist.
WTF. TP and Pegasus in one AC?
... It's not like I had one of these before. I'll comment when I have more time.
'Signatures are overrated.'
The idea is to give the AC insane dodging ability. The only problem is, she's particularly prone to burning herself up in her own heat. @_@

@ NiX: Yessir. Big grin

Though this particular one really isn't for PvP to begin with. Even with JIREN I keep genbusting like hell ._.
LOTUS should be sufficient in this AC. If you're genbusting, it just means you're pushing it too hard.

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