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Full Version: the what-did-you-get-for-christmas thread
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lol, its not even Christmas here yet, but I had to do it. I like taking the glory for myself. Horsie
For now, nothing yet...

Anyhting but T-shirts...
A couple of t-shirts, a new wallet, some cash to put in the wallet, a copy of Diablo: The Sin War: Birthright and a coffee mug.
I GOT......


sorry guys. we don't celebrate x-mas. Tongue

I got great swag. Great swag being equal to shirts. And money.
So far I got a new router...and I am very proud of it Big grin
An alarm clock, a small bottle of cologne, and a car air-freshener.
i have a brand new PS3,i'm very happy Tears of joy but i only one game,Gundam:Crossfire
shet! kakainggit. Big grin
A 154mb memory stick...
A pink polo shirt...
A gray polo shirt...
An envelope bag -Idono wat tu colit-...
2 scarves...
A pair of -2 sizes to big- white rubber shoes...
A headache...
Christmas money!!
I already bought some stuff with it though...

(its a zoid model kit)A Spinosapper(I got bored of Gundam Seed/Destiny,Originial gundam rip offs XD), a tamagotchi and (by Wow Wee,creators of robosapien)a roboreptile
Now no more christmas money!! XD
(good thing I've been saving)
What I got...

Need For Speed: Carbon <---great game
Smackdown vs. Raw: 2007 <---great game
Madden 2007 <---havent played it yet, but i bet its a great game too Big grin
A new computer chair Big grin
20 lb weight vest
10 lb ankle/wrist weight
New Pajama pants
New PS2 controller
New Memory Card
Outlaw Star Collection <---teh nice

Thats all
I guess I can't beat Crimson, lol. Oh well, I got:

Flash Drive
USB Extension Cord
DBZ Tenkaichi 2

That's all that comes to mind right now. I've only had 3 hours of sleep today because I've spent the whole time fixing up my laptop. Woke up at 5 am for presents, lol. Only 2 meals today (breakfast and dinner). It's a shame, I know...
now I get to add what I got. lol finally.

Guitar Hero 2
Wireless guitar for GH2
Mountain bike
Paintball gun
Avenged Sevenfold-City of Evil
Korn-Greatest hits vol. 1
Korn-See you on the other Side
and a bunch of useless crap from my Grandma.
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