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Dark Souls (aka Project Dark)
[Image: totallyrandomkane.gif]
This year is probably Fromsoft's moment. Makes me feel guilty by calling them Froamsotf. LOL
Monster specific animations. HELL YES.
If you haven't seen this one in Ravenwood, a H07-CRICKET - looking helmet. 1:13 from the trailer.
[Image: XA-2222.jpg]
Holy shit it's JE
At first glance, i thought that was another version of the Tower Knight from the first game. Blink
"May those who accept their fate find happiness. May those who defy their fate find glory."
Here are your Dark Souls classes:

[Image: T38V0.jpg]

Looks like the Barbarian has been replaced with the Deprived.


[Image: 8WjtV.jpg]

Luck's gone as a stat, prolly replaced with resistance. Intelligence has been replaced with Attunement and Magic gets replaced with intelligence.
They certainly look more badass than before though, at least imo. :p

Wish we could just lower the knight's visor. Then I'd be a generic character again!
The Warrior's helm seems to make you look like a generic character Tongue. Updated post too with some new stats. Hopefully the other helms make use of a closed visor like the Solire of Astoria or the Black Knight in the E3 demo.

Body types can be selected too, so I'm guessing you can make something like a hulking barbarian this time around.

Anyone know where we can pre-order in this country?
Hmmm, Resistance, Intelligence and Attunement. I get the INT one but the other two? Well, the screens seem to indicate that this is the Japanese version and they did change some of the terminologies when they localized the first game. Maybe From will come up with something that makes a bit more sense when we get the NA versions.

Ahhh, body-types... I'll probably start with either a totally-ripped Knight or Bandit for my first character, then go with an emaciated-looking Hunter for my second one. Tongue
"May those who accept their fate find happiness. May those who defy their fate find glory."
I think I know the reason why RR is waiting for Dark Souls to be released.
Oh my, what big, sweaty muscles you have, my dear...
"May those who accept their fate find happiness. May those who defy their fate find glory."
Holy shit, take a look at the new armor available in this game through this video:

Spike Armor!! As well as lots of new swords.
I MUST GET THAT ARMOR ASAP! I'll have to get the game first asap though.
Another thing worth noting is that DkS is going to be much more punishing than the demo. LOL' Wrote:Ilkar: Worth noting that there were no campfires in that whole area. You had to get from 10 minutes before the boar up to past the rooftop boss without a checkpoint, with only 5 flasks, against double the number of enhanced enemies, with less equipment, no consumables and about 10 levels lower than the demo character equivalent to my Wanderer. No magic either.

Not to mention Ilkar was like, one of the best players of DS. Also, afaik he just uploaded 3 videos of Q&A regarding the final version of DkS. Will edit this out if I have enough time to look into it.

I say bring it on, Froamsotf! Not sure if I'll end up throwing the crap out of my controller against the wall if I, like, hollowed 6 times in a row though.

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