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The Redfox sucks thread
Uncle Wanzer needs a new PC....
You can have it all sent through a next-day-delivery service. I believe you would spend way less at Gilmore, but on the other hand, you won't be getting that much out of your warranty, since you'd be shipping stuff over and over.

As for the monitor however, I think 3750-4200php for a CRT is kinda heavy. Well, it's up to you though, but I'd still suggest a less-pricey LCD, maybe at least 15 inches. I've heard of people selling slightly-used 17-in LCDs at TPC for as low as 5k, or even lower!

IMHO, if you want something that works wonders for at least three years, in the aspect of playing next-gen games, as long as your budget permits it, get something higher-end but cost-effective. 8800gt(I think Nvidia chipsets work better anyway), and a high-end dual-core Intel CPU. If you're an over-night player, or if you play for more than 8 hours a day, get a processor that doesn't really have to be overclocked to give you reasonable performance without burning up your CPU.

Simply put, I'd see your setup better with:

a 17" LCD from TPC, usually slightly used/brand new, at around 5k or less,
An Nvidia GeForce8800gt, whoever makes it. Palit/Inno3D are good choices, but you can go for OCed versions of these if you can look for 'em.
And lastly, a high-end Core2Duo CPU, trying not to OC it too much if you play long hours.

Weigh thine options. Big grin
i see. i'm decided on getting an LCD anyways.

thanks guys!
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hi guys!

i finally got my rig...athlon 64 x2 5000+, palit hd3850, geil value 2 gb ddr2 ram 800 mhz

i'm getting an LCD monitor locally.

quick question:

do i need a bridge for a motherboard with an integrated ATI/nvidia gpu to interface with a video card via hybrid SLI/crossfire?

i was thinking about upgrading to either of these: (if i had an nvidia card)

i was also thinking about changing my cheap palit am2 motherboard to an intel based one (likewise thinking about getting a e5200 or e72000). what do you guys think?
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Look it up online, I think you'd still need the bridge. Also, make sure that they're compatible. Tongue

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