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Make an AC for another raven
NiX Wrote:Mix, Rick, sinubukan niyo na? =P

Haha like I said, I've been missing my LR disc since last meet. A scouring of Sta. Lucia also turned up empty.
I'll bring my cd over but the thing is its in an unconfirmed borken state...
whargarrblwhargarrblwhargarrbl[Image: whargarrblcounter.jpg]  ...
*deleted because cringe*
Nix, I tried it out (finally!).

I found the dual sniper rifles and the small lockbox a bit too difficult to use in the heat of combat, especially for me since the right thumbstick is both for aiming and turning.

I'd probably run the Nix MG + the RS2 here. The machinegun at close range should strip AP like nothing else.

I did love the /UL's OB though.
Yeah the small lockbox is a bit of a challenge. If you can get a steady bead though, the damage rate's unlike anything else haha.
For Fox, an amalgamation of all his dual rifle and EO type designs with back mounted missiles.

EYE4 or EYE3 if you want more defense

Option Parts: Durashine anti-beam coating.

Tune accordingly as you see fit.

RL + RLA is a beefed up combination of the dual rifles you always seem to use, while the C89E gives you some extra firepower. Back missiles are no-frills, but work to distract and annoy your opponents at long ranges where your hand combo might miss. All this on a fairly mobile and decent mid-weight frame :p. The whole design should be fairly potent for both offensive and defensive situations, though it may be difficult to keep tabs on quicker opponents at close range, but you should be able to gain some distance with your machine's speed and throw their timing of with a few EO shots. Give it a spin and see for yourself if you like it Big grin.

NiX, I know its been a year and a half, but I'll have to test this design against a person. AI testing is inconclusive :p.
Much appreciated, Leperdude. I'll be giving this baby a whirl later. Big grin

And the super-secret optional part works wonders against Pulverizers. Must remember to have my garage crew stock up on this handy little item. LOL
"May those who accept their fate find happiness. May those who defy their fate find glory."
Can someone make me an alternative to Dollface? Thanks. Big grin The KARURAs+RL combo is starting to get a bit old. =/

If possible, I'd like the design to keep her basic frame (biped speedfreak), though. Smile
Head: eye3
Core: 99ul
Arms: macaque
Legs: dingo2

Boosters: gull
FCS: f73h/monju
Generator: lotus
Radiator: ananda
Inside: -

Extensions: RM1/2/3
Back: nymphe
Arm R: RL
Arm L: HP
Can I request a generally balanced quad design (yes its in theme for my current gig and also Im really starting to practice on quads more ... just for the change of pace)
whargarrblwhargarrblwhargarrbl[Image: whargarrblcounter.jpg]  ...
*deleted because cringe*
This thing is a little heavy, but it beats the snot out of just about every thing the LR campaign throws at you... Should be modified for competitive use.

AC: Sarissa

Head --------- CR-H81S4
Core ---------- CR-C89E
Arms ---------- WA02-CETUS
Legs ---------- CR-LF93A2
Booster ------- B03-VULTURE2
FCS ----------- CR-F82D2
Generator ----- CR-C84P
Radiator ------ ANANDA
Inside -------- ---
Extension ----- ---
Back Unit R --- WB14RG-LADON
Back Unit L --- CR-WB69RA
Arm Unit R ---- ---
Arm Unit L ---- ---
Hanger Unit R - ---
Hanger Unit L - ---
thanks I am familiar with the design but I'm not sure about the weapons load out ... seems cutting it close for me ... ammo wise (my greatest weakness is being as good as a ork at shooting XD )
whargarrblwhargarrblwhargarrbl[Image: whargarrblcounter.jpg]  ...
*deleted because cringe*
Raf, give us a framework for your quad. "balanced" is a bit vague. Tongue
hmm low(somewhat XP ) drain decent weight, good weapon choice fit for the quad legs, nimble enough to strafe missiles and can take a hit XD

something to basically get my feet wet I guess
whargarrblwhargarrblwhargarrbl[Image: whargarrblcounter.jpg]  ...
*deleted because cringe*
I need an AC for newbs. Preferably a blitzkrieg type AC.

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The greater your shadow becomes...

[Image: rational.jpg]
[Image: exteel.png]
(07-04-2010, 11:15 PM)azuriel07 Wrote: I need an AC for newbs. Preferably a blitzkrieg type AC.

Hmmmm, does combat duration matters? I suppose a newb would require a balance between kill power and ammo count, even for a damage racer.

Head --------- CR-YH70S2 0,7,0,3,0
Core ---------- CR-C75U2 0,7,0,3,0
Arms ---------- CR-A72F 3,4,0,3,0
Legs ---------- CR-LF89F 3,4,0,3,0
Booster ------- B03-VULTURE2 0,10,0,0
FCS ----------- MONJU or MF05-LIMPET if using machineguns
Generator ----- CR-G91 0,10,0
Radiator ------ ANANDA 0,0,10
Inside -------- ---
Extension ----- ---
Back Unit R --- ---
Back Unit L --- CR-WB69RA
Arm Unit R ---- CR-YWH05R3 or WH05M-SYLPH
Arm Unit L ---- CR-YWH05R3 or WH05M-SYLPH
Hanger Unit R - CR-WH01HP
Hanger Unit L - CR-WH01HP

Optionals: O01-AMINO, CR-O69ES, CR-O69SS, CR-O79L+,

Slap on the CR-WB69M and a missile extension if you want more ammo. This design is very robust and has plenty of energy to spare, it does however get Wub by energy weapons though.

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