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the Final Verdict (tFV) - 2 Month Long Armored Core: Verdict Day marathon
one last verdict pilots
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The Verdict Wars are coming to a close! After 10+ years, the Armored Core: Verdict Day servers are going offline on March 31st 2024. To celebrate over a decade of ACVD, Armored Core Legacy is hosting “the Final Verdict,” a two month long marathon consisting of events, contests and more to give new faces a chance to try the online experience and old friends to reunite one final time. Whether you take part in the 5v5 Conquest or coordinated Freebattles, or are just trying one last playthrough to get Plat ranking and a taste of the online bosses, tFV is here to give you a chance to be part of the FINAL VERDICT!

Link to tFV Pilots Internal Network for full event details:

tFV Pilots Internal Network

Contains all relevant info for tFV, and is open to the community to edit. This sheet contains the following tabs:
FAQ: Gives answers to some common questions about tFV but also Armored Core Verdict Day in general. Have a question that isn’t covered in the FAQ? Feel free to add some  in to get answers!

Teams: Let’s you know of active teams that you can join with other players to learn, try the online mode, or just make friends. For the braver souls, it is also an opportunity to recruit for your team!

Events: Lists all events currently being run by ACL and also by the community. ACL will reveal more events as times draw closer!

Play Timeslots: Let other people what times  you are available to play!

Players List: Let people know what version of Verdict Day you are playing so that they add you

Livestreams: Any and all VD related streams occurring during tFV

Resource + Guides: Gives you all the info you need to not only set up ACVD but also knowledge bases to show you how to play optimally! 

If you have any questions about the event, please feel free to ask here!
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