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The Armored Core Series: A Newcomer's Journey
I thought this was interesting. It's a long-form retrospective of a newbie's experience with diving into the series, shortly after the announcement of AC6. It details their experiences with the games' controls, themes, and various other gameplay elements. The difference is, it's written by a competent writer instead of just being composed purely of memes (which are still fun nevertheless).

Oh, and it's an hour and 23 minutes long, so get some popcorn I guess.


He made it to Nexus without learning to properly boost hop. =/
Ha I noticed that too. I guess to a newcomer, fluttering your mech's boosters is just not a natural idea. We can blame media for always depicting boosting as a "full-send or not at all" activity. Tongue
Most of us intuitively learned to boost hop even when we played as kids though.

But good on him for giving them all a chance. It's too bad he didn't try the only 3rd gen game that Miyazaki was involved with (LR), since he seemed to have so much praise for him.

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