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Reviving 3rd Gen PVP Resources
I don't think much can be said about OB jousting other than learn how to use the momentum of the OB after you cancel it.  The effect isn't quite as pronounced in LR as it was in 3 and Silent Line, but it's still there.  The way I do it involves fluttering boost after I cancel OB and while moving on a slightly upward trajectory.  Instead of dropping down to earth like a rock, you'll glide out.  This works with jousting, because as you're OB'ing towards another player, their initial reaction will be to move in a defensive motion to pre-emptively dodge whatever you're jousting at them with.  As the jouster, you'll want to wait until their initial dodge reaction has ended, then fire while they're recovering.  The glide allows for smoother locking and better flanking ability while in this phase.

I don't really joust with anything in Last Raven other than my Geryon tank.
(01-07-2023, 06:56 AM)pompadude Wrote: - Explanations on option parts, what’s useful and why

-Gameplay techniques and either explanations on the inputs used to perform said techniques or videos showing them being performed, ideally both. (general movement with different leg types, Overboost techniques, etc)

I'll chime in with some thoughts on some strategies, at least in PACT's one-on-one games, and numerous LR sparring sessions we had/having here (That AC6 fever) in RR. This may appear as disorganized, but I'll chime in with what I know first hand, or at least the general consensus here.

My personal option parts for PVP:
CODON- Faster turn rate =  Faster target acquisition, especially when enemies go off screen.
KISSYOH - Missile Jammer. Single handedly prevents anyone from using multi-lock missiles to their fullest.
079L+ - Lock box Increase. Bigger lockbox, more chances to shoot.
069-SS - Extra stability, helps prevent stun-lock.

The rest are preferences, although I personally don't go to battle without defense screens, and the MARISHI extra cooling option part. GOLGI (EN damage up) and HISTON (EN ROF up) if your build is EN weapon focused.

Dodging is a complicated subject, and the main way to dodge in LR is to throw off the aim by backpedaling and strafe-jinking. Ever notice since gen1 to gen3, when you hold both shoulder buttons to strafe, your AC will prioritize movement going to the left? 

You can use this knowledge to say, strafe right, but as you boost hop, tap the left shoulder button at random intervals to "jink" your movement, while still carrying the momentum going to the direction you're headed. This strafe-jinking movement throws off the accuracy pretty much every weapon in LR aside from missiles.

This is why the TP booster is so effective at dodging anything, with the Vulture2 coming in close, the combination of high top speed and acceleration, with that strafe-jinking movement pattern throws off the aim of all high accuracy weapons with small hitboxes. It's a whole less effective at it against GLs and the Geryon in particular, due to its larger hitbox and accuracy.
I was about to point you towards TM raven's frame part guide but it looks like that part of ACU is beyond even Waybackmachine's reach.
(01-14-2023, 01:56 AM)comrade_vlad Wrote: I was about to point you towards TM raven's frame part guide but it looks like that part of ACU is beyond even Waybackmachine's reach.

yeah I tried everything to get those pages recoverable : ' )

There's still this FCS size guide by LCC that I still use to this day.

And there's the Japanese Armored Core Forever wiki that has a lot of niche information that's mostly been lost to the English-speaking community.

Edit: --> LR projectile velocities chart. --> LR partial game data thread.

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