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MOA: FCS (Hidden) Stats Guide
As you may know, I've been replaying the gen-1 AC games on emulator. And just recently did I learn that determining lockbox size in gen-1 requires a lot of trial and error. So I took the time to screenshot EACH FCS (except the lengthway one, cuz fuck that FCS) with EACH lock type (ST, WS, ND, SP), and I thought to share it here.


- Either QX-21 (WS) or QX-AF (WS) give the biggest box for SP weapons.
- QX-AF (WS) gives the biggest box for WS weapons.
- QX-9009 (ND) gives the biggest box for ND weapons. But it sucks for other lock types.
- FBMB-18X (ST) gives biggest box for ST weapons.
- Lockspeed and range need their own testing.

Edit: Other FCS stats are in the japanese wiki, apparently. Just use Chrome and auto-translate.
Updated for better readability:
[Image: WVSMG07.png]

Actual spreadsheet can be viewed here:

Pretty much the data above but now in our very own wiki!

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