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L.E.D. Mirage vs Vatshu the Black Knight
A FSS Commemorative Set
[Image: 24514548812_d2ba18deb0_o.jpg]

[Image: 24622888555_874237a26c_o.jpg]

Trying out a couple of FSS inspired designs. I wanted to add some playability so I didn't go all the way designing cosplay - only ACs.

I'm thinking of getting rid of the tiny shields since they hardly contribute anything.
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These ACs are nice and bulky, are there anything under the primary arm weapons? Like most single-wielders, by playing defensively you will probably outlast a lot of ACs ammo wise, just be sure to have something left to move in for the kill.

Always have been a fan of the BONTEN energy shield - that thing actually becomes HUGE visually (bigger than all the other shields) with the coverage optional part, and it is purple!

Personally, I have never had much of any successes with shields on anything other than a heavy tank, since some back weapons, like LAMIA2, can actually stand on their own in the damage race, and heavy tanks rarely have to worry about energy supplies.
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(01-26-2016, 11:54 PM)medusa0 Wrote: are there anything under the primary arm weapons?

Yup. A pair of handguns for each. I had them use EO cores during the early stages of the design, trying to mimic the built-in weapons found in mortar headds.

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