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Gundam Battlefield Record 0081
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Yeah sure, I know this thread IS much later than it should've been (even MUCH later than its spiritual successor), but I started playing and found a few other english players for this game again, and bought the DLCs. Not to mention I prefer PvE-based games these days and not having a limited amount of time accessing the game. Moving on, I feel like putting mostly stories of sessions I enjoyed during multiplayer, so I guess you could say that this thread is some sort of game/war journal from multiplayer sessions.

Anyway, I met a GM Custom pilot earlier and we farmed a few missions on the moon killing some random Zeon soldiers. After snatching a few Gundam Sabers and selling them off to black marketeers, we did this mission that should promote him into a Titans pilot by invading some sort of fortified Hadron Collider with a superweapon being swarmed by MS-14 suits with different variants (A, B, C, JG). I went off with him and fought an army of high-end Zeon suits from the OYW. In the end he was pretty disappointed that he couldn't be a Titan because he needed 9 more pieces of the Titans' paint kit. And for the shortest amount of time, I am now close to having 2 million points (seriously, it took me like, almost a week before i could farm around 1m points). I need like, 2.7m to get a fucking Gerbera Tetra so I can move on from the Gelgoog Jaeger. I'm planning on being able to post videos soon, so yeah.

Other than that, insert subliminal message here to join me.
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03-06-2013 03:55 PM
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Even if we wanted to join. Theres no way were finding another copy here locally.. Tongue


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03-06-2013 05:13 PM
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Well,Hell heart....I'm selling mine for 1800 =)


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03-06-2013 07:23 PM
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