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Gundam SEED Union vs Zaft
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The latest game released under the Gundam "versus" series.

Compared to the earlier titles, this game offers faster movement
(i mean really fast), more weapons, more gundams and more pilots
(love those extended pilots.......with the loud psychotic screams
and comments Laughing )

The selection of mechs range fom the zakuI to the Freedom Gundam.
Some early Destiny mechs are also available like the impulse and saviour.
If you want some challenge, you could also use mobile armors
like the sky grasper.
If you want some cheesy wins, you could try using the Freedom and
the Justice with their Meteor Units!!!

Rules of the game is the same, destroy some enemies to deplete their battle gauge.
(easier said than done...especially when your facing two meteor units...ouch! Wacko )

The sweetest addition in this game is the SEED mode.
SEED mode -> faster movement, more combo hits, stronger armor and
faster weapon recharge! (you can go berserk with this!!!)

My favorite mechs are the sword impulse (twice the buster sword, twice the fun :bigsmile: ), abyss (loads of weapons equipped to play with), freedom (good at any range), and commander bacue (nice doggy! Laughing )

I'll try to bring it on sat, so everyone gets the chance to see it.



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09-14-2006 11:55 PM
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A couple of questions:

1. When was it released?
2. Is it in english (like Never Ending Tomorrow) or japanese (like Generation of Cosmic Era)?

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09-15-2006 07:46 PM
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import game sya, pero not heavy on menus kaya madali magnavigate kahit d marunong magbasa ng katakana at kanji.

2005 december un release date nya.

This december lalabas un sequel nya, according sa nabasa ko included na lahat ng destiny mechs dun!!!



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09-18-2006 08:20 PM
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