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(04-03-2012, 01:19 PM)Fox Wrote:
(04-03-2012, 01:13 PM)JiN Wrote: Rave: I just got myself an inspiration to pay my phone bills on time. A wonderful accountant/princess that looks like Solenn Heussaff... only smaller. I love my life again.

Some people's lives are sooo enviably simple.

That accountant must lead a pretty simple life, huh. Angel
DT recovered from being mind blown this saturday:
Again, thank you for showing up last saturday RR. Seeing people whom I know are having hard time with their sched/life show up, I almost cried manly tears back there. I might ask for a little help this coming July(her bday), tho I can't possibly top what she did to me on my bday, I can still trySmile.
Some awesome pix:

[Image: yacht.jpg]

[Image: yacht2.jpg]

[Image: Yacht3.jpg]

[Image: Yacht4.jpg]
Rick rolling!
This is also a punishment for you.
You will be the defender of justice and wear a mask forever,
you won't be able to live as yourself.
You will sacrifice all your happiness for the world.. Eternally..
(Last words to Zero - Lelouch Vi Britania)
rant: sis said ps3 is too expensive.
rave: i still get chocolates as pasalubong i guess.
rant: cough only acts up at night around the time im trying to sleep.
rant: stress and depression is slowly chipping at my will to maintain my so-called diet.
My sister promised to buy me the set of precision screws I need. Yay!
Sana lang hindi magkamali ng bili.

Due to the ongoing roadwork at the intersection near my place, it was closed and some or all the vehicles going north or south are passing through our street. It's a bit noisy, not to mention a bit of smoke since the drivers were kind enough to slow down.
One of my neighbors is asking for a WTF toll fee. Damn.

I take it back. Mausok sya. Sobra. The smoke reaches up to my room. Looks like I'm gonna sleep with my window closed tonight.
'Signatures are overrated.'
Putang inang ACV mission 05.
^ I was about to S it after about 15 reattempts. The most recent attempt would have been surely S'd if I finished it without the Chief hitting me (I used laser rifles and only had less than 2k damage; was at the point where the Captain only had like, 2k AP left).

But then I got disconnected due to the update. ^$%(%!@$(#@%^@!^ AGGGGHGHHHH FUAAAAACKK GHAAAA GHUAAA /manfredvonkarma
Maligayang Bati sa ating Hemperador!
'Signatures are overrated.'
Happy Bday Hanna!!

Happy Birthday Hanna!


Finally done S'ing the missions and done all the subquests. Now I'll just have to wait for the bosses to appear. Putang inang mission 05 and 06.
Happy birthday Iraya-sama!! WorshipWorship
'Signatures are overrated.'
Happy birthday Hanna!
Happy Birthday Iraya-sama \o/

rant: work during the Holy Week
rave: double pay XD
rave: not a whole lot of people at work so net is pretty fast + no bosses around = youtube time mwahahaha
Happy birthday Hanna! Smile
Rant/Rave: I think I should finally post this, but I'm gonna leave for Japan for a year under company training. Gonna miss my loved ones and the dudes here. Gonna be leaving on the 17th.

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