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'Signatures are overrated.'
Pinoy pop music usually does a good job of getting on my nerves, if not for the overused formulas, remakes, novelties and other crap plaguing it. Pinoy rock music on the other hand, is something i'm more forgiving with. Some of the groups i listen to, even if they're no longer active:

The Ambassadors
The Late Isabel
Plane Divides The Sky
Point Click Kill
Too Late The Hero
Up Dharma Down
Valley of Chrome

Of course there are also the staples like Bamboo, Eraserheads, The Dawn, Urbandub and Wolfgang. One of the annoying things i hate is that lineup changes are usually inevitable once a group gets into the limelight, which might lead to the group's musical style changing as well. First and foremost, Rivermaya. I really enjoyed this group's first few albums, with Perf De Castro providing guitars on the first and Bamboo still doing the vocals. Perf left the group IIRC just after the first album came out. Then Bamboo followed suit after a few years, ostensibly to go to the States to reunite with his family but the guy just actually went into rehab. The old Rivermaya still holds a place in the musical part of my heart as this is the group who helped me get into OPM music, since their show in Laoag in 1997 was the very first live concert i've attended.

Another two examples are Sandwich and Sugarfree. Sandwich was really good for as long as Marc Abaya was with the band. When they first came out in 1999 with "Butterfly Carnival", i was amazed. So amazed that i didn't even realize i was listening to a Pinoy group. They were that good and i started actively following their releases. After he left and Raimund Marasigan took over vox duties with some weird songs, i stopped listening to them entirely. Sugarfree was good also for as long as they still had Mitch Singson pounding the drums, from 1999 to 2006. The replaced him with some new guy, i heard a few tracks and i never bothered following them again.

Well, that's just my opinion.
"May those who accept their fate find happiness. May those who defy their fate find glory."
What can you guys say about Kiko Machine?
'Signatures are overrated.'

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