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Local Music - NiX - 01-28-2010

How do you feel about the local music scene in general?

From novelty songs to Sarah Geronimo to whatever.

I personally have probably less than a handful of local artists that I actually respect.

Go rant about it here too.

RE: Local Music - Grim - 01-28-2010

I feel as if the latest really great, really original OPM we have was made around 10 years ago or so, during the great Francis M/Eraserheads/Parokya ni Edgar era. That's probably a real curmudgeon type of answer, and there are exceptions, but generally I feel like the local music industry is quite content to crap out copies of whatever's going on on the other side of the Pacific.

And what's with the actors launching albums full of cover songs/badly written originals? Man. Piolo Pascual? Gabby Concepcion? Sick

Generally though, I like the work of the following contemporary artists (times when they produced work I like is in parentheses):
Bamboo (circa 2008-2009)
Nina - great voice!
Paolo Santos - (a few years back at least)
Rico Blanco (sometimes)
Sheila and the Insects
Taken By Cars
Up Dharma Down (always and forever! Big grin )
Urbandub (circa 2004)

RE: Local Music - NiX - 01-28-2010

Yeah, Up Dharma Down is like single-handedly keeping Filipino music respectable. -__- Problem here is that the majority of people have no taste for this kind of "music". Hardly anybody appreciates it. We basically have a society that encourages churning out CRAP.

Sinosikat is also pretty good. I also like The Dawn. Problem with our rock bands is that hardly any of their frontmen can actually sing well.

RE: Local Music - Sforza - 01-28-2010

OPM stuff I listen(ed) to, not really sure who's active and who isn't aside from the really obvious ones like the E-Heads and HYP. My comments in parenthesis. Anything I didn't list down, I probably never listened to at all.

Hungry Young Poets
Bayang Barrios
Kitchie Nadal
Barbie Almalbis (up until the 2nd Barbie's Cradle album only)
Imago (just the FIRST album. current stuff is shite)
Cynthia Alexander
Urbandub (Have all their cds. They just released a new album, it's not bad)

Up Dharma Down (Please stop being like 2 bloody hrs. late to your own gigs. You lose fans that way.)

Noel Cabangon
Taken By Cars (Please make songs that don't all sound alike)
Paroyka ni Edgar (until around 2001 or so)
True Faith

and Lea Salonga if she still counts

RE: Local Music - Serene - 02-04-2010

PnE - Makulit. Atenistas, Survivors nung Dark Ages ng OPM.
Juan Dela Cruz Band - Never say die men
Giniling Festival
Ehehe... Michael V.

TVJ - for their spoof on 'Anak'

I usually enjoy songs that are funny, spoof or no spoof.

BTW, I heard Ka Freddie Aguilar's composing a new song entitled 'Pamangkin'


RE: Local Music - iraya-sama - 02-04-2010

Radio Active Sago Project
Giniling Festival

well.. that's about all the local bands i actually follow ;o;

RE: Local Music - Serene - 02-04-2010

I had a classmate who looked like Radio Active Sago Project's Lead.
Mas matangkad nga lang ako...

RE: Local Music - Sforza - 02-04-2010

(02-04-2010, 04:02 AM)Serene Wrote: BTW, I heard Ka Freddie Aguilar's composing a new song entitled 'Pamangkin'


Really? I thought the title was going to be 'Kapatid' LOL

RE: Local Music - Serene - 02-04-2010

(02-04-2010, 12:36 PM)Sforza Wrote:
(02-04-2010, 04:02 AM)Serene Wrote: BTW, I heard Ka Freddie Aguilar's composing a new song entitled 'Pamangkin'


Really? I thought the title was going to be 'Kapatid' LOL

Tapos maglalabas pa yata ng Album, yung title: Pamilya.

Maria: Jobet... Tama na... Corny na...

RE: Local Music - Fox - 02-04-2010

Di ba dapat may follow-up single na "Anak sa Labas"?

RE: Local Music - HayWire - 02-04-2010

Callalily and Parokya ni Edgar always(or usually) performed in our school variety show

Kamikazee started to perform in our varie show too.
Also Taken By Cars (...speaking of which...Di ko type music nila >_< )

Well for the music itself...

I only listen to Kamikazee out of these four XD;;

RE: Local Music - clonezero - 02-04-2010

as most of my favs have already been said (special mention to the Eraserheads Whistleockandroll: )
I just wanna add this guy

Ryan Cayabyab
Smokey Mountain

I also liked "High School Life" by Sharon Cuneta

lol special mention to Hagibis!!!!

RE: Local Music - Serene - 02-05-2010

APO is timeless too.

Fox, pinapasok na.


RE: Local Music - Shintetsu - 02-05-2010

Ahaha, tanginang siling giniling yan. LSS nanaman ako >_> Siling giniling, siling giniling, ha! ha!

For the artists, I like listening to Slapshock, Kamikazee, Radioactive Sago Project(Astro, and a couple more), Greyhoundz, and some other specific songs. APO's tunes are cool too.

RE: Local Music - NiX - 02-05-2010

Another rant:

The problem with a lot of local music is that it's either too gimmicky or too cheesy.