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Jon bakit mo inedit out yung post mo? Rofl

Anyway, some more information regarding the new AC game in the works.

Credit goes to wongumfie.
armored core for answers... damn hope they mean what they say or they'll have to answer to us the fans
whargarrblwhargarrblwhargarrbl[Image: whargarrblcounter.jpg]  ...
*deleted because cringe*
Holy wack,a new one!!! alright,online Co-op!!!!
Some magazine scans for the new game:

Potentialy the hero AC (I'm seeing a traditional AC parts on this one, notably the Cougar2-ish legs):

Some concept art on the new core and some new weapons:

Some screenshots of the Giant bosses (Note the picture on the left near the middle which scales an AC to the size of the boss):
Lord lepper,I haven't seen you online anymore,would you care a game of AC4??
Nah, I'll just wait for the next game if its good. If not, I just might be playing Tekken 6, Soul Calibur 4, MGS4, or some 3rd person shooter for the PS3 like GTA IV and Army of Two. But for now, the PS3 is just gathering dust.
aww too bad,aside from Bacnotan,you're the only player who doesn't seem to lag much coz we're both in philippines lol
The legs look more like the Jaguar.
The new hero looks lively.
'Signatures are overrated.'
I heard there's going to be transformations, lawl.
Transformations ampuchit...
Parang ganito yun eh...

"Kuya! Kuya! Si Bumblebee Oh~!!"
'Signatures are overrated.'
Gigantic bosses huh? Reminds me of Shadow of Colossus and Einhander. I wonder if they can step on you now? LOL

I still don't have 360 or Ps3 so... T_T
[Image: nines.jpg]
was the guy free climbing on the first pic the protagonist >_< nice hobby ...

the pictures really gave me hope on ac4 ... Im rather sure they treat you as flies with those sizes ... anyway has the story behind this one been announced? I wanna know XD
whargarrblwhargarrblwhargarrbl[Image: whargarrblcounter.jpg]  ...
*deleted because cringe*
FROM is really moving this series in the wrong direction.

I hate to say this but my patience in waiting for an improved Armored Core is waning.

FROM should be fixing the fundamental aspects of AC (STORY, SINGLE-PLAYER, PLAYABILITY, BALANCE, CONTROLS) rather than adding more and more BS that could just end up making the series worse.
Since the previous AC4 left many questions unanswered,this series gives the answers,thus AC4:FA
I'm excited bout the ff. things:
Co-ops added so this will be cool
Bosses are big and hard to beat single handedly especially on Hard mode,so we'll be force to play co-op lol
More parts are were added,twice as many as before
Certain frame combinations could result to a variable frame
what's the reason behind AC4
and rumors said that motion sensor control is added,but I don't know if it's true.

Hey Nix,give it a chance,AC4's story wasn't bad but it's a little rushed.It's still AC lol

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