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LR: Bayonet
Defensive Middle-Weight Biped
It sure is quiet around here... might as well post something that I have been playing around in the builder.

AC Name: Bayonet (was Estoc, but Bayonet matches better with its performance)

H09-SPIDER 6,1,3,0,0
CR-C89E 6,0,0,4,0
A03-GIBBON 5,2,3,0,0
CR-LH73SSA 6,0,0,4,0
B03-VULTURE2 0,7,0,3
CR-G69 0,10,0
R03-LINDEN 3,0,7 or R01-HAZEL 0,0,10

Paint Scheme:
Base (R,G,B): 60,80,71
Optional: 45,45,45
Detail: 200,120,0
Joint: 45,45,45
Core Aid: 90,100,110
Arms Aid: 90,90,90
Head/Legs Aid: 60,80,90
All weapons green.

Relatively well-protected bipedal AC utilising rifles as its only means of attack. The unit performs best in short to medium ranges where it can bring all four of its guns to bear. Vulnerable against missile boats and heavy tanks that can either out-range or out-gun it easily.

Edit: Replaced the AST rifle with a normal one for longer combat durations. Added paint scheme.
you need to consider turning speed (to keep your target in that dmned red box) and overall endurance (read: tank their shots or pick your own) if you're going to maintain the rifles' optimal (at least 80% accuracy) range which is around 250 or less. I don't remember the parts well anymore, (esp. the core and leg part) but I do wonder why your AC has G69 generator in it and a cold booster at the same time. Unless the core is OB type?

Will test it when time allows me to.
Overboost kamikaze attack Ninja
Why would you not run lotus/gull.

I would love to challenge this with Purple Jesus if by miracle chance that you guys were still doing the Garage Duels thing. Two riflers focusing on defense seems fun.
BTW I request that you include Estoc's paint scheme Smile
Overboost kamikaze attack Ninja
(06-02-2013, 10:33 PM)your mom Wrote: Why would you not run lotus/gull.

Unfortunately, the frame does not have a great cooling stat; running LOTUS/GULL/ANANDA will give a nice boost of speed sure (388 to 407), but the heat is uncontrollable without sacrificing some defensive and weight tunes. I found that the current setup works better with HAZEL that bumps the normal boost speed up to 400 without compromising part tunes so will be updating the op with it.

The op has been updated with the paint scheme, which is basically a re-hash of the OWL MT scheme in my garage.

By the way, Estoc seems like an awfully inappropriate name for how the mech performs as it lacks armour-piercing weapons, would Falchion (or other slashing weapons) sound better?
You're not running a hover or anything-- or not even OB, so I don't see the point in wanting the coolest AC possible.
Well, this is Estoc for everyone else. Only recently did I have a time for this again. Salute

[Image: 970132_4534052889456_1452263440_n.jpg]

[Image: 944259_4534054249490_715153392_n.jpg]
Overboost kamikaze attack Ninja
(07-20-2013, 12:44 AM)darkdragon_ycart22 Wrote: Post

Hey thanks!

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