Armored Core Analogs: Sniper Cannons

From its long barrel, heavy weight, and its modest ammo capacity, the Sniper Cannon might lead you into thinking that it’s just another member of Armored Core’s Grenade Launcher family. But while they may look alike, the SC and the GL are entirely different weapons in how they introduce your demise.

GA Sunshine Model Kit Confirmed

Oh you’re my only sunshine! The GA SUNSHINE model kit we were hoping to exist will indeed materialize soon. The kit seems to feature a dessert tan finish, two sets of two weapons (CHEYENNE-02 missiles and the basic GA bazooka), which makes it essentially a stripped down version of the game version’s weapons (much like the Rosenthal kit prior to the Noblese Oblige release). Still we’re pretty excited for this one.

Also, an awesome looking Frame Arms model kit which looks like it can exist in the realm of Armored Core as well. Frame Arms picture after the jump:

GA Sunshine AC Model Kit

Dare I say that I’m screaming like a fangirl along Otome Road? This scanned picture from the latest issue of Hobby Japan (or Dengeki Hobby Magazine, we really couldn’t tell) shows what seems to be a planned model kit from Kotobukiya’s Variable Infinity line of Armored Core models. This next attraction comes in the form of the GA SUNSHINE, one of the default corporate sponsored ACs available to the player in Armored Core 4 and Armored Core: For Answer. The kit appears to feature two bazookas and two missile packs, though this may change as time goes by. No plans for a release date as of the moment, but it is definitely something to look out for if you want an AC on the heavy side.

Thanks J.E. for making us go Kyaaa~.

[via: Super Robot War]

Dance Dance Armored Core

This video simply brims with an awesome display of fireworks, Kojima Particles, missiles and beams that can only come together in a carefully choreographed display of timing, positioning, and probably having a little too much time in one’s hand playing Armored Core: For Answer, which leads to spectacular results. Simply put, a pyrotechnic and dance show unlike any other. Stuff like this makes synchronized swimming look like a joke.

Thanks Atdsutm for sharing this.

You’ve Got a Robot Doggie in My Noblesse Oblige

It seems that there is a hidden part discovered in Kotobukiya’s 1/72 scale Noblesse Oblige model kit from Armored Core 4. Can you tell from which part of the model kit this cute robot dog comes from? The answer after the jump.

White Glint Cosplay and Dance

Someone apparently cosplayed as White Glint from AC:FA and did a short dance number. Enjoy! :D

Scratch-Built AC ‘Opening’ from AC:fA

No, we’re not dead. It’s just been a slow week.

This AC’s name is indeed Opening, which is Malzel’s AC from AC:FA, one of the high members of ORCA in the game. I was confused for a bit there, but do enjoy the look of this model created by Shinsa in FGsite. Equipped with scratch-built GA parts (except for the HOGIRE core) and a lot of heavy weapons (especially the BIGSIOUX large missiles and the YAMAGA grenade cannon), this is turning out to be my kind of AC. More pictures after the jump.

Scratch Built X-SOBRERO Armored Core Model

A scratch built SOBRERO AC from Armored Core: For Answer created by maro2501 in FGsite. It take a lot of skill and determination to pull this one off. Just look at the back mount quad chain-guns, who knows how much time were spent on making those and there are 2 of them! More pictures of this model after the jump.