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Inital D ver.4 and Maximum Tune 3
Version 4 of Initial D for the arcade just came out in Timezone outlets. The seat smelled like a new car smell for some reason. Some new stuff is a much bigger screen compared to version 3 and better graphics (There's now smoke coming out from tires when drifting). The characters are now rendered in cel-shaded 3D. Each game normally costs 30 pesos, 28 for VIP card holders. A new card costs 150 pesos, sorry your old Initial D version 3 card is not compatible with version 4's card reader.

Maximum Tune 3 adds new levels of customization to your car this time around, thou I haven't tested the game itself, it seems to be pretty similar with the older Maximum Tune games. A new addition is to be able to challenge the ghost of another player in the game.

I don't really play these games though, as they're really expensive. Gimmie a shmup arcade game and I'm all set for the day in the arcade Tongue
I'm done with these money-suckers. -_-
ID V3 sucked about ten grand from me before i got wiser.

But upon seeing the new version, it took almost all of my willpower to not reach for my wallet and get my card loaded.
"May those who accept their fate find happiness. May those who defy their fate find glory."
Hahah V2 took more than 10 grand away from me too. I had a purple-aura GC8V (i have two timezone gold cards now. -_-) So I stayed away from V3 and I'm not touching this one either. hahah

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