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Firecracker, the fun quad (again)
good thing i posted some of my old designs <a href='' target='_blank'>here.</a> Big grin

i made a few changes:

eye4 (+5 cooling, +5 solid def)
u2 (+5 cooling+5 solid def)
sl (+4 cooling, +1solid def, +4 en def)
lf71 (+3 cooling, +7 solid def)
birdie2* (max power)
kongoh* (max condenser cap)
r92* (+5 cooling, +5 drain reduction)
nymphe (green)
69h (yellow)
69h (yellow)

wraith (black)
wraith (black)

amino, es, ec, l+, codon, marishi (i could drop the ec for the golgi+ribose)

here's the paint scheme:

format: r/g/b

b - 131/11/21
a - 173/161/79
o - 131/11/21
d - 29/141/29
j - 90/90/90

and here it is: (courtesy of jonevangelist)

[Image: firecracker-front-1.jpg]

the lowdown: basically a quad that is not stuck to the ground for a good amount of time due to traditional back cannons requiring long ping time. you can pilot this thing as if you were in a lightweight ac. some new part changes are there for aesthetics but it's still very functional. this ac favors backpedalling tactics because it does not have much defense to begin with. the birdie2's accell makes this machine a lot nimbler than the vulture2 could while still retaining a speed of around 400 kph and the kongoh easily handles the birdie2's immense usage drain because of its very quick refresh rate while the r92 keeps the heat in check (specifically the heat the comes from the gen itself and from enemy fire).

note1: i'm not sure about the defense tunes above as i'm only working off memory here, but i'm sure that this thing has exactly 1600 solid def and 1650 en def.

note2: the above picture is an older version.
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Somehow I think the first one was better, especially the one with the cheesy dual HPs. Tongue You used the G84P then, I think it works better for quads than Kongoh does. Still, this one's plenty usable for quick strikes and retreats.

Oh yeah, you can access your old threads by going to your profile and looking under 'Find all topics by this member.' They haven't been deleted, just hidden.
well, the point was to keep this thing hugging from the ground for too long. the birdie2 improves its doging ability and is great for hopping around because of the high accell.

and thanks for the heads-up. Big grin
FRONT MISSION FOR LIFE.<br><img src='' border='0' alt='user posted image' /><br><i>RATATATATATATATATATATATA!!!</i>

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