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Finally, an AC named after me. Jason

I took the most recent Valiant frame and came up with something totally different:

Head: CR-H72S3 (max cooling)
Core: CR-YC010/UL2 hanger (max cooling)
Arms: A03-GIBBON (max cooling)
Legs: LH04-DINGO (max cooling)
Booster: B03-VULTURE2 (+2 power, +4 accell, +4 heat reduction)
Generator: G01-LOTUS (max output)
Radiator: ANANDA (max cooling)
Inside: NONE
Back Unit R: CR-WB69RA RADAR (white)
Back Unit L: CR-WB69M SMALL MISSILE (white)
Arm Unit R: CR-WR81G GRENADE RIFLE (black)
Arm Unit L: CR-WH69H HANDGUN (yellow) <---lockbox buffer. i barely use this when jousting with the 81G. the only time this gets some significant use is after the grenade launcher is dropped.

Arm Unit R Hanger: CR-WH69H HANDGUN (yellow)
Arm Unit L Hanger: NONE

paint: (r/g/b)

b - 135/74/33
a - 112/8/16
o - 168/148/117
d - 28/39/139
j - 70/80/70

note: the frame is tuned to max cooling because defense tunes would hardly yield any major stat increase.

alternate config: similar to the valiant type beta. i'll just put back the macaque in. the lotus is replaced by the fudoh for more OB whorage and some hang time.

and here it is:

[Image: hellraiser1.jpg]

credit: Grimlok
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Looks very nice.

Why all the cooling? Lotus is already as cool as they can come. I still say a little increase in defense is better than making sure you don't overheat, since overheating in this situation mainly comes from you using the OB, and not the enemy inflicting it upon you. That's just me though.

S3 breaks like glass! Put S2 or S4 on and be done with it! Tongue

The 69M is a real good pack. Fires straight forward, no fancy-schmancy curves and weird flight paths. Good when you aim. RM3 is the same.

Lol BIG + 69H? Now where have I heard that before? Hehe. Anyway, I think it's cool you didn't pack a gun underneath the left side. Should force careful use of the ammo, and lessen the tendency to spam in midrange.
as what Grim said... too much cooling...

go gull lotus ananda...
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The UL2 doesnt have the greatest OB power, but for the purposes of this design it gets the job done

And since it sports my favorite legs, I give it major props lol
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I think he's done a good job in compensating for the GIBBON's low cooling stat by tuning other parts to cooling. Though if it were me, I'd just tune the V2 to 100% heat reduction instead... Like I always do Tongue I think this is pretty essential for the OB start up phase where at least the design can still boost while the OB charges up reducing the risk taken on getting hit in the process.

I'll prolly defend his decision to go V2. The problem with the GULL is that even when tuned to max heat reduction, the OB start-up phase multiplies the booster heat to sometimes unbearable levels, leaving you at risk of overheating.

For missiles though I'm more comfortable with the NYMPHE + GAR than the 69M + RM3, just me though. And try the SYLPH with the BIG Tongue, I think it works well so at least you can have x2 69Hs for the later part of the match.
This is one heat concious AC...
Put a little on defense...

Like they said, this namesake of yours is cool enough...

Oh yeah...
Scary combo...
'Signatures are overrated.'
Quote:I think he's done a good job in compensating for the GIBBON's low cooling stat by tuning other parts to cooling.

nailed that one right there! Big grin

anyway, i can't tune the v2 in any other way than my standard +2 power, +4 accell, +4 heat reduction because i have it in the majority of my designs. unless, i have one file dedicated to just one ac, i'd consider that.
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hey i learned a new tech,i don't know if anyone knows this already though.while running and OB is charging,i just release the run button for approximately 25 milliseconds while simultaneously pressing the boost button so it can jump without the boosters... this way,i can maneuver without draining the EN bar or adding heat,Hehehe, now it's part of my strategies,it's one way to save energy after a long boost,i learned this when i was fighting Code crimson,i notice that he rarely touches the ground,and when he does,you can see he's not boost hopping ,and it makes the game seem more realistic Big grin

i belive the OB slide jump was already mentioned somewhere <a href='' target='_blank'>here.</a> Big grin

it's an old trick dating back to ac3/sl or perhaps even earlier (ac2/aa).
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I don't know,if it's an old trick it's definitely is useful
yes, it's definately useful.
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guess so,well atleast u learned it LOL
i'm thinking about replacing the legs with the 89f to give it a much more intimidating look.
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You could if you want. For better shell def and lower drain. It's my fav legs. Not sure if your AC's boost speed'll decrease.
<!--QuoteBegin-Pale Horse+Jan 29 2007, 06:59 AM--></div><table border='0' align='center' width='95%' cellpadding='3' cellspacing='1'><tr><td>QUOTE (Pale Horse @ Jan 29 2007, 06:59 AM)</td></tr><tr><td id='QUOTE'><!--QuoteEBegin--> Not sure if your AC's boost speed'll decrease. [/quote:d3d46ec7d9]
I'm also thinking jousting tactics with the BIG are going to decrease in effectiveness since you'll have a slower final velocity (which should be the case in tanks only). The added shell defense might make up for it though.

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