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[Image: Jajanken-H.png]

Pretty much the final form of what started out as an upgraded starter AC.

The name Jajanken comes from Gon's nen ability in Hunter x Hunter that has 3 attacks based on rock, paper, and scissors. Rock is the pulse blade and main damage dealer. Paper is the missiles for a ranged attack. Scissors is the shotgun for medium range.

Most RR dudes who play online PvP have played this by now. Basically, I kite with missiles and the shotgun while waiting for openings, then I come in with the pulse blade. There are some hard matchups for this, but it has tools to at least put up a fight against most builds.

Edit: Can straight-swap to Zimmerman if needed. But I'm already so used to the reload timing of the Haldeman.
LOL, a stronger shield/dagger player dismantled me so hard, repeatedly, that I had to rethink this whole build.

[Image: normal_jajanken-s.jpg]

Shields are so good.

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