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Castlevania: Nocturne

After 4 excellent seasons, we're almost there! I'm so pumped.

The use of Divine Bloodlines for Richter's hero moment gave me goosebumps LOL
I wonder if they're taking this series all the way to the Soma timeline.
(09-10-2023, 06:55 PM)NiX Wrote: I wonder if they're taking this series all the way to the Soma timeline.

I would love to see a full Julius vs. Soma fight in a Netflix show. The odds of that happening are very low though, I think. But I fully welcome more seasons if they can execute it as well as they have.
RIP Julia.

I just finished it. Spoilers ahead, obviously.

Kinda disappointed that they didn't follow Rondo of Blood a bit more closely to lead into the SoTN plotline. Like, I wanted Richter to be something first before Alucard comes back to resteal the show. But I guess they didn't wanna recycle the father-son conflict that comes with reviving Dracula.

I really like the art direction this season that's closer to Ayami Kojima's art. Especially redesigned bishonen Alucard. All the characters are so pretty. Tera. Blink
I just finished it today. We were all expecting Alucard to come back eventually, but the moment he did was the best it could be to give Richter the most amount of time to develop into his own.

You're right, pretty boy is as close as he can possibly get to his SotN rendition. And Maria will age well into her look in the game/manga, too.

I noticed this small production error, where the whip is drawn in front of Richter's cloak, but the blue flame post-processing they did (rightly) doesn't. I just thought it was amusing.

Overall, liked it. Looking forward to season 2!

We're getting it. Nice.

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