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AC6: Nadel
No, this isn't a Zimmerman build! LOL

I guess this marks the first design in the AC6 subforums. Seems to work on 1v1 PvP but I won't post any footage of it due to the voicechat possibly doxing ourselves out whenever I record a video. I've not tested the dual VIENTOs against the actual heavy tanks but I've tested it with a COQUILLET and 66LH and seems a little lacking, but staggers quite alright against them. I guess you can capitalize that on a 3v3 battle. Also, you can switch out the head for a 44A if you want better stats I guess, or get another better head.

EDIT: Aside from the GILLS booster, you can probably put BUERZEL for better Assault Boosting.

[Image: pRxSJt9.jpg]

I can only post test damages at this time.

Double post! Unfortunately it won't let me post a thread with more than one video.

It works best when used with the HUXLEYs, otherwise you might just waste the opportunity to stun and capitalize on it, or it could lead you to getting punished like what happened to the last few seconds of the video. It's best that you Assault Boost away for a bit if your drones overheat.


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