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LR - Jameson
AC: Jameson

[Image: jameson.png]

Head: H04-CICADA
Core: YC07-CRONUS hanger
Legs: LH09-COUGAR2

Booster: B05-GULL
Generator: G01-LOTUS
Radiator: ANANDA
Inside: Situational
Extension: -

Back Unit R: CR-WB69RA
Back Unit L: WB01M-NYMPHE
Arm Unit R: CR-WH05BP
Arm Unit L: CR-WH01HP

Arm Unit R Hanger: -
Arm Unit L Hanger: WH09H-WRAITH

Optional Parts:

This is what I would settle on to be my LR staple. Took some coming to grips with the fact that the ACs I loved to play in SL didn't really translate to NX onward particularly well, but here we are. For some reason I love bazookas in LR. They seem pretty consistent, have manageable lock-on characteristics and obviously pack a punch. BP seems to be the undisputed king of the group; likewise HP is known for its devastating assault on AP as an off-hand companion. Secondary hand gun in the pocket for added ammo, and you can slot one under BP if desired. Inside parts really come down to preference. 

Not much else to say about the bot. Comfort parts, really. Essentially started out as a carryover of my SL build hence the frame is very similar to Darude however I don't really like MGs in LR so weapon layout got re-jigged.

Name and colour scheme based on what I was drinking at the time of conception.
BP + HP is always great in LR. And this AC ought to have the speed to bring those weapons up to their optimal range. Not sure what your remaining leg capacity is, but I think you might still be able to carry one of the RM1, 2 or 3? Just for a bit more killpower at the start before dropping it really quickly.

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