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Street Fighter 6
Cammy White. That is all.

[Image: QQHgMJ1.jpg]

[Image: t8FYYdw.jpg]

[Image: jUB48CM.png]

[Image: TSUwhZS.jpg]

[Image: L7CaQBJ.jpg]

[Image: tFokbN4.jpg]

[Image: tCbCsQX.jpg]
Yeah, the Cammy reveal was the highlight of the recent trailer.
Someone's amassed quite the collection...
I'm currently on Plat 2, and getting here was honestly easier than getting to Plat on SFV. I've played my cousin in Australia(!) without significant issues. 200ms ping and all, but only a 2 frame delay, and neither of us could really feel it. Capcom finally caving in and implementing GGPO's rollback netcode for SF6 really saved Street Fighter.

It's safe to say I can play with you guys and it won't be a lagfest, so... games, anyone? Smile
3 and a half months after release, I've done it. Now the real work begins. But at the moment, I'm especially proud of this one. Tears of joy

[Image: ECC6mHS.jpg]

[Image: gu6OwzE.png]

Muscle Mommy Supremacy!

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