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New Era & Extreme Tournaments - Rookies only
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Welcome to the first season of NEXT! The New Era and Extreme Tournaments! A round robin & single elimination tournament. This thread is an informative guide on everything you need to know about this tournament series. The tournament is an open invite to all New comers or players whose abilities aren't exactly at Elite level. This will be your chance to finally play for more than peanuts on a discord, but to push yourselves in an environment more conducive to organized play. I believe there isn't any further need for an introduction so let's dispense with the formality.

  •     Season - May refer to the entirety of the event or exclusively to the Round Robin phase of the tournament.
  •     Game - A bout between two players in a season, play-off, or finals consisting of a sub-set of rounds to determine a winning condition.
  •     Round - A single bout within a game in a series of either Best of or First To.
  •     BOF - Best Out of or Best Of X (variable placed on X) is a series of rounds to determine a win condition for a game. A player is declared victorious for winning a greater number of rounds against their opponents in a game. The amount of rounds given to both parties are an odd number in which the minimum winning condition is that one of the players achieve a greater winning value than their opponent.
  •     FT - First To is the alternative to BOF and refers to a set number of rounds required for a player to win by defeating their opponent exactly the amount of rounds before their opponent does. The player to first reach the limit of rounds through victory is declared the winner of the entire game. Example: FT5 means the player who can win a total of 5 rounds is officially the winner of the game.
  •     Kill - To temporarily disable a map in rotation or a pool from being selected by an enemy player.
  •     Map Pool - The allotted maps players can either select or pill throughout the event.
  •     Eliminated - When a player has been defeated and is no longer eligible to continue their run in the tournament.
  •     Play-Offs - A Single-Elimination semi-final penultimate event in the end of the Round Robin phase of the tournament's season. Play-Off contention is determined by players with the highest winrate in the Round Robin phase (or known as "season")
  •     Finals - The ultimate and concluding game for the tournament's entirety where the champion and 2nd place players are inducted.
  •     Banlist - A ledger of parts that are not eligible for competitive play in the confines of the tournament and including limited use of the part's allowance in play.
  •     Phase - Refers to the segmented division of the tournament's format from the season (round robin) to the playoffs (single elimination).
  •     Set - The round robin "Round" nomenclature for this tournament to differentiate between rounds in a season.
  •     Schedule - A time assigned to players or a timetable to which the tournament phases are to be concluded.
  •     Book/Booking/Booked - A game to be determined between two parties at a predetermined date, in the process of, or already determined.


NEXT is a tournament with two combined formats in a singular event segmented into phases. The event is segmented into 3 phases and will enter these phases when the conditions of the tournament is completely met.

The Season - This will be considered phase 1 of the tournament. A round robin where every player in attendance must fight each other in a game series BOF3. Traditional brackets for single or double elimination is replaced by a consecutive set of games every one player must compete, with each game being a different player of the tournament until all entrants have been challenged by each other. The amount of players a contender must fight is based on the number of participants entered and Round Robin assures all players have fought each other at the very final set of games. The players with the highest win percent may proceed into the 2nd phase of the tournament (play-offs) and all the remaining entrants are thereby eliminated.

To Further illustrate Round Robin:

Player 1 through 8 have signed up and are beginning their season. The brackets are shown:

Set 1
Player 1 vs Player 5
Player 2 Vs Player 6
Player 3 vs Player 7
Player 4 vs Player 8

Set 2
Player 1 Vs Player 2
Player 6 Vs Player 4
Player 3 Vs Player 5
Player 8 Vs Player 7

Set 3
Player 1 Vs Player 3
Player 8 Vs Player 5
Player 4 Vs Player 2
Player 6 Vs Player 7

Set 4
Player 1 vs Player 4
Player 2 vs Player 7
Player 8 vs Player 3
Player 6 vs Player 5

Set 5
Player 1 vs 8
Player 6 vs Player 3
Player 7 vs Player 4
Player 5 vs Player 2

Set 6
Player 1 vs Player 7
Player 5 vs Player 4
Player 6 vs Player 8
Player 2 vs Player 3

Set 7
Player 1 vs Player 6
Player 2 vs Player 8
Player 5 vs Player 7
Player 3 vs Player 7

The example above depicts that at no point players will have a redundant match. Every player in the tournament will have faced one another in battle. This ensures that the most qualified players are those who can defeat the greater amount of challenges then the others. 8 Players in a round robin means that only the top 4 contestants will advance to the next phase. The remaining players in the Season are eliminated from the tournament.


The follow maps are permitted to be played during the Round Robin.
  •     AC Garage
  •     Snowy Field
  •     Structure
  •     Energy Plant
  •     Military District

These are the only permitted maps to be selected throughout the entirety of the tournament until stated otherwise.


All games in the entire season up until Play-Offs consist of BOF3 meaning Best of 3 rounds. Players are given 5 maps to choose from in the season against their opponents and no other map can be selected. The format rules are as followed:
  •   Start: Players may determine among them or through a 3rd party coin-flip who will have first turn.
  •     Player1: The player with the first turn will be designated as Player1. They will have a choice to either pick 1 of the 5 maps or Kill a map.
  •     Choice A: Player 1 selects a map to be played this turn. In this scenario: the map is to be played immediately, and in their next turn after Player2 they can only kill a map and cannot select a map.
  •     Choice B: Player 1 selects a map to be killed. This map is then removed from the pool of this game, but then it is Player2's turn to decide whether to pick or kill. Player1's next turn can only pick a map to be played and cannot kill an additional map.
  •     Player2: Regardless of the outcome whether Player1 selects to play or kill a map then Player2 is given the two same choices. Any decision a player makes in the previous turn cannot be done in the next.
  •     In the result of a tie: The remaining map that has not been killed or played will be the deciding map.
  •     Conclusion: A total of 2 rounds are required for any player to obtain a victory in the game of their set. 3 games if there is a tie.


The format for Finals will not be the traditional BOF3 series for a game, but First To 3. The player to win 3 rounds will be declared the winner. The following rules are as followed:

  •     Player 1 and Player 2 is to be decided by the players or Coin-flip similar to the season.
  •     Players are forbidden to kill any map
  •     A map selected to be played by either player cannot be picked again by neither player.
  •     The remaining map in the event of a 2 to 2 tie will be the final map of the game.
  •     |The first player to win a total of 3 rounds is declared the NEXT Champion.


Players are to sign up in the following discord -
Go to #sign_ups and follow the information there.

Players are allowed up to 5 ACs and are prohibited from entering any AC beyond their 5th nor play any AC beyond their entrance. Players are forbidden from swapping parts mid-match or any time until the tournament is concluded. Participants are encouraged to use or other identical services to list their AC parts to avoid bloating the Discord thread. Failure to obey the rules of sign ups can result up to the dismissal of a player or their expulsion in the tournament.


The following parts are forbidden from this tournament.

Heads: CR-H05XS-EYE3
Cores: CR-C83UA  - REGULATION RULE: This core is only banned if hangers parts are to be utilized.
Arms: A09-LEMUR2, YA10-LORIS
Booster: CR-B83TP
Insides: All ECM makers
Extensions: All Energy Mags
Back Weapon: WB31B-PEGASUS 、WB27O-HARPY2
Right Arm Weapon: CR-WH79H3
Left Arm Weapon: CR-WH79H3
Hangars: CR-WH79H3,CR-WH01HP, YWH14PU-ROC4, WR12PU-ROC2
REGULATION: Hover legs are exempt from the Frame-Part ban rule
REGULATION: Tank Legs are exempt from Frame-Part Ban rules with exception to the Regulation addendum regarding CR-C83UA hangers.
Information and HUD
[ Enemy Data OFF ]

  •   All players are to sign up a total of 5 ACs. These ACs are permanently attached to the player after their sign up has been officially approved.
  •     Players are forbidden from changing their submitted ACs in any way at any time throughout the entirety of the tournament including after their approval.
  •     Swapping parts at any point before, during, or after the season will result in the immediate expulsion of the player and a ban up to 1 season.
  •     Color changing of an AC is forbidden.
  •     The banlist and its regulations are to be followed exactly. It's encouraged players adjust and load their Regulation files in Versus for the tournament.
  •     You must fight opponents in accordance to the order of the bracket. You cannot tally your Win/Loss record from repeated games.
  •     You can not fight the same opponent in the season. Once you have battled someone in an official set you shall proceed to the next person of the following Set.
  •     Cheating of ANY KIND is directly forbidden. Violation of this rule can result in penalties up to termination of the player from the tournament.
  •     Verdicts and rulings are ONLY carried out and officiated by the tournament moderator team: Mobius, MGO, and Valhalla
  •     Disruptive behavior that hinders or stops players from starting, continuing, or even finishing their games will be considered sabotage and is disallowed.
  •     The results of games are to be posted in this thread or in the Discord in a designated thread when created.
  •     Demos or Replays are to be submitted with the results their game if the players desire for a post-game analysis video in the future.
  •     Any person not officiated into the tournament as a participant is a spectator and are prohibited in playing in any official capacity
  •     Follow the format of the Season (Round Robin), Playoffs, and Finals.
  •     Players are only allowed to use the 5 maps in the map pool. No other map is permitted.
  •     Players can swap between any of their 5 ACs at any time they desire during a game in the season, play-offs, and finals or not at all. Total discretion is encouraged.


The tournament official sign ups start today at the moment this thread is posted as you are reading it on February - 22nd - 2023.

Sign ups are scheduled to end on Monday, February-27th-2023 at exactly 6:00PM CST or 7:00PM EST.

The Season will begin exactly at 8:00PM CST/9:00PM EST.

The Season will conclude on Monday March 6th 2023 at 11:59PM EST/10:59 CST.

Play -Offs will begin on Tuesday March 7th 2023 at any time after Mid-Night and will end on Monday March 13th 2023 Mid-night EST/11:00CST.

Finals will begin on Tuesday March 14th and to be booked depending on the players with no schedule limit (to be determined).


Official Discord

Mobius - Tournament Host. Discord name: Mobius#9354

MGO - Moderator. Discord name: MGO#0441

Valhalla - Moderator. Discord name: Val ⬝#8636

We can be found in Armored Core discords throughout. Feel free to contact any of us if you have questions.
Reading comprehension problem for me. I initially read that UA is completely banned except for tanks. >_< Or was that edited after?

And I just noticed the map pool. Any reason for those particular maps?

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