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As a revamp of the old recognition system we had for PACT winners, we now have a semi-fully working medals system. I say semi-fully because there's some kinks to work out, but otherwise it works fine. EDIT: Was able to at least hack things into a useable state where nothing breaks.

Thanks to NiX for his hard work on creating the updated graphics!

Once a medal has been awarded to you, you can set/pin favorites under User CP > Miscellaneous > Manage Favorite Medals. Currently, you can show up to a maximum of 16 medals on your posts. We'll reassess in the future if this is too little/too much.

For now, past recipients have been awarded their proper medals, as follows:

Inaugural PACT
[Image: pact_i_1st.webp] Champion: Lord_Leperman
[Image: pact_i_2nd.webp] 2nd Place: NiX
[Image: pact_i_3rd.webp] 3rd Place: Twin-Skies

[Image: pact_ii_1st.webp] Champion: Lord_Leperman
[Image: pact_ii_2nd.webp] 2nd Place: NiX
[Image: pact_ii_3rd.webp] 3rd Place: maitreya

[Image: pact_iii_1st.webp] Champion: Lord_Leperman
[Image: pact_iii_2nd.webp] 2nd Place: Sforza
[Image: pact_iii_3rd.webp] 3rd Place: No one... LOL

[Image: pact_iv_1st.webp] Champion: EtherMaster_X102A
[Image: pact_iv_2nd.webp] 2nd Place: Moonlight_Raven
[Image: pact_iv_3rd.webp] 3rd Place: No one, again

[Image: pact_v_1st.webp] Champion: NiX and Goat
[Image: pact_v_2nd.webp] 2nd Place: maitreya and ardjin
[Image: pact_v_3rd.webp] 3rd Place: Mjting and atdsutm

[Image: pact_vi_1st.webp] Champion: NiX
[Image: pact_vi_2nd.webp] 2nd Place: Mjting
[Image: pact_vi_3rd.webp] 3rd Place: Fox

Boy, some people really cleaned house. LOL

Also, down the line we'll add some "fun" medals to the mix so it's not all serious business. But for the time being, enjoy your new hardware folks!
Yeaah! Now I can vertically stretch all the pages!
These are beautiful  Salute Thank you kind sir, for your continued work!
Oh, hey. I got something shiny. LOL
"May those who accept their fate find happiness. May those who defy their fate find glory."

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