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Software, hardware, and everything in between.
I noticed we don't have a topic on emulation in general yet.

I've been having a ton of fun revisiting older generation games lately. Mobile chipsets and integrated graphics have become efficient enough to emulate consoles while literally sipping power. PS2 is doable on a basic laptop/desktop, as our recent LR renaissance shows.

This device is what I have with me on most days, in large part due to its portability:
[Image: SNlNP71.jpg]

I've been really impressed with the RG35XX, and particularly the GarlicOS custom firmware that Black-Seraph made for it. It's a bit larger than the more popular and eternally sold-out Miyoo Mini, but that one is just too small to comfortably play with (that's what she said).
That's a nice looking handheld. Just $60? Pretty tempting. Edit: So apparently, Anbernic has an assortment of custom builds like this. Talk about opening Pandora's box.
Yeah it's quite the trooper for a cheapish price. Absolutely no issues with PS1 and earlier systems, but no analog controls of course.

Miyoo is gonna come out with the Mini+ in a couple of weeks/months, but that's probably going to be more expensive than it's actually worth because the brand has hype. Size comparison:

(02-01-2023, 11:07 PM)NiX Wrote: So apparently, Anbernic has an assortment of custom builds like this. Talk about opening Pandora's box.

Retro handhelds have really blown up in the past 2 years for some reason. Between them, Anbernic, Powkiddy, and Retroid have a lot of offerings for different budgets (maybe too many). I'm planning to get the Retroid Pocket 3+ as a gift for someone - but really once you have any decent Android phone, the value proposition gets thrown out of wack.
I heard about Anbernic before and I thought they usually make handhelds like OneXplayer, GPD and Aya Neo.
Those companies make what are essentially handheld PCs, like the Steam Deck. But as you can guess, the price is really high up there, so Valve remains the clear winner in that segment.
Retro Game Corps' video on the Miyoo Mini+ is out.

What makes it potentially better over the RG35XX is that it will have a wifi chip, meaning RetroAchievements, and Netplay through RetroArch:

Still don't know if I'll actually get one or not, but that transparent black is sexy.

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