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LR: Water Malone
[Image: yWIdDKi.jpg]

PvP Video:

Probably my final build I'll make for LR.  This one rounds out my collection at 15.  I finally got a 'heavyweight' biped and am making use of the BIG.  I've found that the 75MT's higher than normal velocity and HNM can be hard-ish to dodge, and after all the missiles are dropped, the bot gets blistering fast, so can control range well enough to either play keep away or rush-down with BIG.  You can also play the mix up game and take potshots with BIG while they're expecting or trying to dodge missiles.
Nice that you finally got a name for it. It'd suck to eat a whole volley of MT and RM3. Any particular reason for the FG arms over other lightweight arms?
FG arms are really good. In this particular case I want the bot as fast as possible on FA legs so I can control range easier. A more conventional setup would probably be Cougar2 legs with Eye3 head and maybe FL arms. You'll trade a good chunk of AP for similar speed and slightly more defense, but you'll get better turning and radar.
I had forgotten that FG is still quite a bit lighter than FL. I saw the vid of this. Definitely an interesting mix of weapons and deceptively fast.
Great play, I never thought about using the HNM. Footage was also also super crisp and smooth.

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