Current time: 09-24-2023, 12:43 AM
Re-Introducing myself a bit lng ulit
XD been a while
tagal ko na hindi nag post sa forums na eto XD been wasnt much activity before..
short info ulit...about me to the new members
since i havent been active in the forums for a long while so i assume medyo madaming bagong members dito

so hobbies are...
Model Kits, Martial Art's, Visual Art stuff bust mostly painting/drawing, animation and 3d art

My actual work is i am mostly a freelance 2d and 3d artist
mostly character, creature art etc etc...
backgrounds/scene art not very good at it 2d but 3d background/scenes is fine

anyways you guys can view my art here

Also have my own indie group/small digital art team thing
we make comics and games/apps
heres our FB Page

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