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New to NX, Veteran of LR: Help?
Help adapting to a new game, for an old Raven
So, I purchased Nexus some time ago, but have never played it.


I started Armored Core at AC2, then AC2:AA. After that I played AC:SL, AC:NB, and finally AC:LR. After that Armored Core for PSOne and AC:MOA. Finally AC4 and AC:FA. Essentially everything EXCEPT Nexus.

Note: I only used Nine Breaker for a file conversion. It was cheaper than Nexus... I found out why later.

My question to the veterans of the forum is not-so simple, but comprehensive and straight forward.

1: What are the differences in heat-energy management. I've booted up the game and realized I had 10,000 EN Supply. In LR, 4,000+ was extremely good, is it roughly double, or not?

2: Starting AC from scratch? I like mid-weights... a lot. More than I'd care to admit. However quads and light weights are my favorites, what are practical short-term parts. (Generator/Radiator/Booster combos also acceptable, as they're most important early on.)

3: Notable weapon differences? Anything garbage in LR that is good, broken or at least usuable in NX? The MG is a given... as it's on another thread.

B: Not needed, but, are Ground Torpedos not impossibly useless here? I like them, but they suckin just about every game. Also, are bazookas also really bad in NX? And the save mechanic. Please... please explain this. It's soooo weird...

Aside from this, any and all tips and input is welcome. I have just never played Nexus, and what little I got from playing around told me this was quite different.

Thanks much in advance.

P.S. I got my very first new laptop! Ever. *I come from poor people, and live in America.* So I disappeared from everywhere for ungodly amounts of time as I explored the wonderful world of non-DOS technology.
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I'm not sure how to answer #1, but it might be a total stat that includes generator capacity and surplus EN from the generator. Though I believe only the surplus EN from the generator matters for energy recharge. #2 and 3 are answered in no particular order:

1: Best Missiles are the SPARTOI, they actually home in like nuts in NX. Other missiles weren't as good back then IIRC.

2: RAGORA+ LOTUS/FUDOH + GULL is the safest booster/gen/rad combo. Heat was rather unforgiving in NX, and acceleration was not yet a booster stat. Some people like to add the JIREN in order to mitigate the forced cooling drain on their ACs. Basically, the GULL was the only booster you need.

3: The WYRM sniper rifle was pretty top tier, given it had 60 ammo back then (compared to 24 in LR). It was an alternative to the RS if you needed endurance and DPS.

4: The slower pace of the game meant that EOs were much more effective at hitting their targets, the SELENA's EOs in particular were pretty darn good as a 3rd weapon.

5: MG weapon arms and the CETUS were viable as tourney level weapons due to the heat they generate (The MG weapon arms were an easy way to farm credits when facing off against Genobee in one particular mission).

6: Hovers were viable since they didn't break like in LR. the WALRUS 2 was among the best.

7: LHT92 are the best tank legs, if underweight, they're as fast as lights because of its absurd boost power and efficiency. Pair it up with the CR-WB87GLL x2 and a wide and shallow lock left weapon to make short work of anyone in the arena.

I'll post more stuff as soon as I remember them.

The thing was, everyone rolled with a biped with 2x WYRMs and EO cores in unrestricted Japanese tournaments, as well as the 2x GLL on the LHT92. Some abused a glitch (no longer present in the international release of NX) where attaching a flamethrower on the left arm will give any weapon a wide and shallow lock box. Sniper rifles and backmounts will have wide and shallow locks as well, making high DPS weapons like the GLL even more deadly.

As for ground torpedoes, they were only really good in AC2:AA (all missiles were good in that game).
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