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Need help with Armored Core: Nexus
I've returned to Armored core after several years and I'm realizing that... I honestly have no clue what most of the stats mean. I vaguely understand them but I was hoping perhaps someone might know more exactly the math behind
Defense vs damage? How exactly does the math work here?
Calorific Value (What is it?)
Jump Performance (what does it define exactly?)
Attack heat vs cooling? Same question as with damage.

So.. yeah.
If I remember right Calorific Value is how fast your AC heats up, since there's the overheat mechanic. If you've got high Calorific Value, you'd want an equally strong radiator, and your booster heat also comes into play.

Jump performance is basically a neutral jump I think, just how high your AC jumps when you press X while it's standing still.

As for the vs. stats I'm not entirely sure on the math, but as always with defenses the higher the better =)) I'm not sure about how Attack heat is calculated, if you're picky about it you can search for the actual math for it, but you don't have to really know it exactly.

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