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Hidden Parts
Gonna leave this here for people having trouble with parts
Hey, I just had a little doubt concerning a part from LR Portable, and that's the FUNI extensions used by Zinaida, Rim Fire, and 2448. I just can't find them, any help?
Eliminate Plant Intruders according to gamefaqs

"On the first floor... it is tucked on the side of a defense
target. It is very tiny."

The the faq says there is a ground floor and a 1st floor which is sorta confusing so here just take a look yourself

just search for the word funi and you should get to the info you need.

Thanks! I did find it, though damn it's well hidden. Here's where it is in case someone else is about to miss it: It's in the room with the condensers on the second floor, the one that you access via an elevator.

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