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Regulations Files
In case the devs/publishers stop supporting old AC games
Once upon a time, an AC game was finished when it shipped. I could stop by the game store and pick up a 10-yr.-old copy of AC:MoA, and it would be the same game as it was when I bought it new. Then came the DLC. While it was great for balance, it also meant that anyone who picked up an old copy of AC4 through ACVD wouldn't be able to play the finished product once the devs stopped supporting it.

Right now I'm having a hard time finding the regs files for AC4 on the X360. (I already have FA). Now I'm trying to collect all the regs files (Xbox and PS) for AC4, FA, ACV, and VD, and post them online so this is never an issue for anyone else. Can anyone help me? Does anyone still have any of these games, with the DLC still installed? I can help you download it to your PC and post it online, and we can make a DLC archive.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.
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